The importance of discovering original sensitizing events in hypnotherapy



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A short video discussing the importance of establishing our clients original sensitising events allowing us to get to our clients root cause issues, essential for effective hypnotherapy treatment. 


This is a short video discussing my experience with working with a client on a Skype hypnosis past life regression session earlier today and how a repressed memory hidden and buried deep within the subconscious mind came to the surface preventing further progress. This surprised my client as they had thought they had long ago dealt with this issue, however the subconscious is merely showing the person that these experiences need dealing with and letting go. In a lot of cases, there may well be no need to regress a client back to the original event, but in some cases it is indeed very necessary. The learning my client has brought to the surface is that before they can move on to what they wish to explore, they need to work with these past issues to let them go. Dealing with the original sensitising event is a very valuable tool in uncovering and dealing with the past ,as it is only too apparent that when repressed memories and emotional states are brought to the surface, these are issues which are signposting events, emotional trauma, memories etc that create blocks preventing progress which the client will be unable to move past until they have been successfully dealt with.

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Why hypnosis offers us the best pathway to change our minds and change our lives




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Perhaps you  have heard that hypnosis can help people like you to overcome obstacles or challenges in your life or achieve that elusive goal?

Maybe you are like many of my clients who come to me, at a crossroad in their lives and wonder whether hypnosis can work for them? 


People who come to see  me, invariably have lots of questions and are looking for the answers that they have struggled to find for themselves and failed. Somewhere along the line they may have heard of someone who has found that hypnotherapy worked for them and helped them to break free of the frustrating cycle of being stuck in the same old place. Many of those questions my clients ask are centered around their own frustrations and why they cant solve their own problem.  What they want is someone to listen to them and who can explain and answer all of their questions patiently and attentively  and who will help them to solve their problems or achieve their goals. I help with all of these points.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to change your mind and do something different and each time you try, some unseen unstoppable force stops you? It is that deeper part of you, the subconscious part of your mind where all of our thoughts, behaviours and beliefs are formed.

Maybe you want to kick that habit of stopping smoking or manage your weight more effectively or you might  want to get over a fear or phobia such as a fear of dentists which many people have, perhaps you want to beat a fear of flying or beat a fear of spiders or any other animal. Maybe you are having relationship and anxiety problems leading to low self esteem and low confidence and depression? Maybe you want more success or to better your learning skills or improve confidence?    

All of these examples I have given above are areas in which I have worked and successfully treated those clients who have come to see me and who used my hypnotherapy services to improve their lives and feel better.

It wasn't until those clients sought my professional advice that they begun to understand where the seat of their problems or challenges were. You see, one of the first things we talk about is the 'why', because that is invariably what is on peoples minds as well as finding out about hypnosis.

I explain all about the subconscious mind and how it works in our lives creating reactions to problems as it does its best to protect us from what it sees as potential threats to our safety by creating fear, anxiety and limitation to different stimuli which might have been as a result of a reaction to a frightening situation or event as in the case of someone with a phobic response to spiders. you could think of the subconscious mind as a kind of anti virus programme running in the background yet we all know that sometimes antivirus programmes can cause problems of there own kind and the subconscious mind is no different.

During our chat I also explain how the subconscious mind happily complies with all the regular repeated actions which create conditioned response patterns which are all self learning loops. We learn by repetition you see and the more we think or do something the more the subconscious obliges and creates a programme for us. Remember the first time you tried something new and how strange it felt, like riding a bike as a kid? After a while it became automatic as new neural pathways formed and built up and it then became an automatic programme something we do without thinking. Now could you imagine un-learning how to ride a bike? it doesn't seem possible does it? But it is entirely possible and we see stage hypnotists doing stuff like this for entertainment all of the time because by our nature we are all very suggestible. Its why advertising works so well!  



Remember how strange it felt to learn to ride a bike?

The subconscious is happily obliging and these subroutines which become unhelpful limiting patterns of conditioned responses such as negative self talk or comfort eating or smoking habits can become a really sticky issue for us when we decide we no longer want that. In the case of someone who constantly puts themselves down and engages in continuous negative self talk for example their overall mood and approach in life will push them away from what they really wish for. Now compare that to someone who's mind is wired in a positive optimistic way, everything they think about and everything they do tends to attract positive opportunities into their lives. I explain that we can change the programme and that sometimes its quick and sometimes it takes some time, but we can definitely change the programme.   

I explain how hypnotherapy is central in reprogramming that problem area of the subconscious mind and I explain that the subconscious part of our mind is rather like a hard drive on our computer working in the background quietly getting on with running our lives and protecting us, except sometimes it doesn't do us any favours and things that happened perhaps recently or even years ago that have been traumatic or that have turned into bad habits such as those outlined above can become problems for us when we try to fight against them using willpower alone.Some people with a strong will power can force themselves to deal with issues and successfully overcome them, but for those who struggle because of the enormous power and influence of the subconscious mind, hypnotherapy is the best chance of changing things. Why? Because our subconscious mind is non questioning and non judgemental and can be reprogrammed with whatever is in accordance with a persons deepest desires and wishes.  


Why does the subconscious mind have so much influence?

Our subconscious is the seat of our emotions and exerts the greater influence over our conscious mind. The subconscious mind accounts for around 90% of who we are whilst the conscious mind accounts for only 10%. 

In a battle between the subconscious and conscious mind, the subconscious will always win unless we change it..... and we can. 


we CAN choose  which path we take because we can get the subconscious to do our bidding 


Hypnosis and other mind based therapies can give you a set of keys to unlock the prison of your mind, so whatever problem or challenge is holding you back or whatever goal you are looking to achieve, one thing you can be sure of is that mind based therapies can help you make those changes. 


What if i cant be hypnotised?

During my conversations once people begin to understand that hypnosis can help them I usually find that most people worry that they cant be hypnotised, but it is in fact a perfectly natural state that we all enter into each and every day automatically without thinking about it.

Most people of average intelligence and above can be taught to tap into this natural resource at will and fairly quickly.I find people are very relieved to know this and even resistive clients can be guided into hypnosis its just a matter of knowing what to do.If a person makes up their mind though that they dont want to be hypnotised they won't. Its all about free will. 



When you do not know and understand how to break free  using the power of your subconscious mind with reprogramming it with hypnotherapy  of this its a bit like being a hamster stuck on a wheel of continuing frustration

Once people understand how powerful their minds are you often see a smile appear on their face as they experience that light bulb erika moment  and they realise "I could really do this"  They know that they can get off of that hamster wheel.

Are you ready to have that light bulb moment and get off of the eternal wheel of frustration?

All you have to do is to be willing to pick up the keys and try the locks until the door to your new pathway opens 

Click on the picture above to watch a short introductory video about my one to one hypnotherapy services in St Austell and throughout Cornwall and all of Devon and nationally and internationally via skype


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How hypnosis can help you change your perspective on life.


 12th July 2014

Think about the mountaineer who faces all the trials, risks and challenges of reaching the summit.

Before the mountaineer begins the journey the first thing that they must do is to prepare well in advance and to make risk assessments and put in places strategies to limit or avoid those risks.

Along the way the mountaineer may encounter obstacles that were unexpected, yet had been prepared for in the planning process. Sometimes those obstacles may present challenges that test the faith, skill and endurance. Sometimes the weather closes in and storms prevent progress and so the mountaineer knows they must be patient and wait it out until the storm is over. Provided they have prepared well they are able to ride out the storm.

Sometimes injury, tiredness and fatigue set in and the mountaineer knows that they need to rest. Resting doesn’t mean giving up; it means the mountaineer knows that they need to listen to their body and rest until they are strong enough to continue on towards their goal.  In most of life’s situations unless great personal sacrifice may be required there is nothing smart in driving yourself headlong towards a goal that might have all the circumstances and situations stacked against you and you continue unrelentingly towards complete failure and total defeat.

To the mountaineer the challenge and the goal are the most important focus that spurs them on to achieve the summit. The goal is what is important, but the mountaineer also knows that despite the best risk assessments that things can go badly wrong and the only thing to do is to admit a setback and retract. Notice I didn’t say defeat here.  I used the word setback.

The sunshine is in our outlook, how we look at the world

Sometimes we have to go back and retrace our steps and take stock, learn lessons from the experience before we can go forward with a new and better plan.

Life is a bit like this. In life there are often challenges, and people who can affect us or infect us with their personal views about whether what we do or think is a waste of time or whether our reactions to a situation marks us down as someone who they don’t feel a rapport with. What matters in life is whether we are defeated by challenge or whether we simply see things as a temporary setback and a need to retrench, take stock and move on finding a better pathway. 

When we accept defeat there is often nowhere else to go in our minds, perhaps, until sufficient time has passed and we have come to terms with the situation. What we do then depends upon whether we are feeling strong enough to try and move forward with life. Some will just retreat and stay put.

If however we can have a different way of viewing challenge and setbacks how different will things turn out? I like to use comparisons of great people of modern history who mean something personal to me and the most obvious person I can think of here is Winston Churchill who many times when we were fighting on the back foot and looking as if we were going nowhere fast with massive losses, looked at the goal and took stock of situations, never gave up hope and galvanised our armed forces toward greater purpose to win the peace.

 I mention Churchill particularly as he was known to suffer very dark bouts of personal depression with his black dog days, but deep down inside he had that resilience and drive to help him overcome his personal dragons and slay them one by one. Churchill was well known to use hypnosis to help him stay awake and carry out his duties and it is entirely possible that he used self hypnosis to manage his depression and bring himself back to the task that needed to be done.

People seem to think that depression is an illness that needs to be hidden that is completely crippling and renders one incapable of rational judgement and decision making.  It is well documented that many great creative and inspirational people have suffered frequent bouts of self doubt and/ or depression and have continued on to great achievements. It’s about how one views life and oneself and whether one reaches inward or outward to find help and answers as to how well we cope with our personal challenges and problems.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for self change and I have had the privilege of helping people who have suffered with depression and personal issues such as loss of self belief , loss of focus, low motivation and low self esteem to turn their lives around and find where they want to be, to learn how to put coping strategies and empowering beliefs in place that recognize that life can be a roller coaster and that they can tap in to inner resources to ride that roller coaster and not feel out of control.  We can either enjoy the roller coaster or fear it. It’s up to us and how we look at it

The metaphor of the mountaineer is a good lesson to help us relate to life’s many challenges. The map is not necessarily the territory but with effective preparation, goal setting, mind setting, belief, faith, flexibility and adaptability the summit can be reached and the goal achieved.


Trevor Wales. Clinical hypnotherapist. Dip Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. CRSST. CNHC. 

Insomnia treatments with hypnosis and EFT in Cornwall and Devon with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions



Hypnotherapy & EFT are very effective in dealing with insomnia & I specialise in this area having treated numerous people successfully that have rediscovered a good night’s sleep again.

Lack of sleep impairs our quality of life and lowers our mood, our performance, attention span & concentration & left unchecked can have serious health implications in the long term.

Most cases of insomnia are due to stressful situations in a person’s life making a large impact. Often people lay awake in bed worrying about things for hours and hours, problems in both work and personal life. Finances, relationships and family matters come pretty much at the top of the list. Also some people’s minds are always just too busy & they find it very hard to switch off. 

The most obvious outward manifestation of sleep deprivation is in irritability and low energy which can affect every aspect of our daily life, affecting both personal and business relationships. We can become very forgetful and accident prone.

 From my point of view as a hypnotherapist, the key to overcoming insomnia is in helping people to learn to relax and in investigating the daily routines and finding the root causes that are the issues responsible for causing the insomnia. Sometimes there may well be underlying anxiety issues which need to be dealt with first, but also it can be as simple as someone burning the candle at both ends. I used to work with a young man whose leisure time pursuits solely revolved around drinking and playing computer games until 2 or 3 am in the morning. When he tried to sleep, often he couldn't because his mind was so wired and the result was that he found it very difficult to function properly the next day.  

I coach my clients about the importance of creating structure and routine and creating the right environment for sleep along with an understanding of how to prepare for sleep. For example, not engaging in heavy reading or turning the TV off thirty minutes before bedtime and choosing a caffeine free herbal tea or a cup of Horlicks which is a natural bed time drink known for its benefits. Better still not to have a TV or PC in the bedroom. Surprisingly simple routine things, but easily forgotten.

Many of my clients who start to use my relaxation cd for a few weeks as a preface to the main hypnotherapy work notice and report back to me that they are sleeping so much better than they have done for many years.

Part of my hypnotherapy treatments are centred around  deep relaxation methods and helping people to put their busy thoughts to one side allowing them to settle down to get a good night’s sleep.



Here are a few testimonials from people who have used my relaxation therapy.

I listened to your mp3 you sent me through email, and wow!!

With 3 small children it's very hard to chill/relax! I sat down in my front room this morning with all my children and plugged my ear phones in, I thought to myself 'yeah I'll give it a go' this isn't going to work! Your voice is so soothing, calm, safe, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed! That 17 minute piece you sent me was amazing, after it I felt like I had slept for hours and my eyes were so heavy, I was so relaxed! My body felt tingly, it's hard to explain, I was so amazed I Even passed it over to my sister, she too was shocked as she thought the same, that it wasn’t going to make her relaxed, I'm going to wake up every morning 20minutes before my children wake and listen to it as I felt so good after it this morning! Thanks Trevor, and looking forward to our session next week! :)

-Hayley, Lerryn

Successful relaxation with relaxation MP3

I contacted Trevor to see if there was anything he could do to help me with my depression and we had a lengthy chat. He then sent me his free relaxation mp3. I’ve listened to it every day since he has sent me it and I can honestly say that it’s brilliant. It really helped me chill out almost every day and take everything in my stride and not let things bother me. I can’t thank him enough for the mp3 alone. Thank you. Leigh

All reviews are used with customer’s express permission


If you would like to know how hypnotherapy and EFT can help in managing and overcoming insomnia why not give me a call for a free no obligation confidential and informal initial phone consultation of up to thirty minutes so we can discuss your problem. Call 01726 69703










 Trevor Wales. Dip Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. GHSC Validated practitioner CRSST. CNHC.


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