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I Just had to share this. it is very rewarding to know that other professionals on the other side of the world think highly enough of my work to email me about my website. Here is what the email says:- 

Hi Trevor!

My name is Ashley and I am writing to you on behalf of Medical Online. I'd like to thank you for providing some great info on your page - - I have been referring to it as I gather new materials on hypnotherapy treatments, and many of the resources on your page have been very helpful to me!

I also wanted to let you know about this informative page about hypnotherapy that my college intern, Tyra, found yesterday:
An Explanation of Hypnotherapy 

It'd be wonderful if you could add this page to your website! We have all learned a lot from it and we think your visitors will be able to benefit from it, too :-).

Thanks for your time, and please shoot me an e-mail if you decide to include this on your page. Tyra would be thrilled to know she's helping others learn more about this important topic.

Ashley Carter
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Weight management feedback from my clients




Weight management With Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions in Cornwall, Devon  and throughout the UK



When you come on board  to my weight management programmes you  get exclusive membership only access to my face book weight loss support group where members can talk to each other in complete privacy and share successes, frustrations, tips, and general support.This is a closed group. 


The following are from posts on my face book wall where clients have left me feedback.

05th October 2103

An update from one of my long term Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Clients who started with me back in July of last year

This just in from Julie Ley ,my Gastric band client.

This is an excellent showcase for highlighting what the power of hypnosis and continuous focused thought and action can achieve :-

"Well its been a while since I a gave an update on how things are going. Really pleased to say I am now down under 12 st, with only 5lbs to go to my target weight 11 st 8lbs. 

At the time I said to Trevor I was not sure where I wanted to get to in weight, only that I would find where I was happy at. I have found that with the exercise and the way I eat is just normal to me now, so I am still losing weight. 

I am also into the next size down, so have gone from 24 -26 to 14. 
I am so pleased.I do not weigh that often now but have this week.Hypnotherapy has been the tool to my weight loss, but many other things have changed for me apart from this,so thank you Trevor without your help I would not be where I am now."


Hypnotherapy across Cornwall Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions. 18th March 2013

I have just had another update from one of my star gastric band weight loss hypnotherapy clients Julie. 

Julie now weighs 12st 12lbs and so that is another loss of 8lbs in under seven weeks! :-)

When we last did an update on the Jan 29th this year this is what Julie said:-

Here is the latest update as of 29th January 2013.
Hi Trevor, as promised even though a little later than expected a photo, glad to see things are going well for you with the hypnotherapy. Hope you and Caroline are well, just to let you know my weight is now 13 stone 6lb so still coming off, hope the photo is ok . Kind Regards Julie. 
From my Facebook page Good luck to anyone doing the weight loss programme, if I can do it, you can. I am still wanting to lose a bit more but can now see light at the end of the tunnel.xx Julie.

WOW! Excellent Julie ,you have since then lost another 8lbs in just under seven weeks. Well done you :-)

I just received a post from one of my weight loss clients this morning that they have now lost one stone since recently starting their weight loss programme with me. :-) 
Well done ... You are doing brilliantly! 

Hypnotherapy across Cornwall Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions. 21st March 2013

Hi Trevor

I am delighted to tell you I have lost another 2lbs this week. :)

So my total so far in my first three weeks of working with you is 8.5lbs loss. It goes without saying I am very happy with how things are going since you started working with me. I am feeling very positive about my life in general and am very much looking forward to our next session.

I am listening to the session mp3 every night and am loving the addition of relaxing soft music in the background 

Kind Regards

 Ps: you may share this info as you please!

Hypnotherapy across Cornwall. Weight management with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions.Customer feedback  4th March 2013

Hi I have just received some feedback from one of my clients Debbie, who I am treating for weight control and management.
Debbie has given her permission to use her name.

Hi Trevor 

Hope this finds you well. 

Please find attached my diet sheet for the week. My exercise is usually the same every week. 

I feel it is really working and I listen to the cd every night. Really pleased and I'm telling everyone about you. 



 Hypnotherapy across Cornwall.Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions. 9th March 2013

Another very successful hypnosis session today for another of my Gastric Band Hypnotherapy clients.

Session three, Script reinforcement. 
This session builds on the previous two sessions to add reinforcement to the initial stages prior to the following stages which culminate with the fitting of the Virtual Gastric Band.

As this session takes root in the clients subconscious mind the power and permanence of the suggestions previously delivered are anchored and strengthened in the clients mind.


My client has fed back to me today that her family have all noticed a big change in their behaviour and attitudes towards food. They no longer snack and the portions of food on the plates are smaller. There is an unusually positive benefit to the rest of the family too inasmuch as that everyone is getting served smaller portions of healthier food! 


Hypnotherapy across Cornwall.Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions. 30th April 2013
Here is the most recent update from one of my Weight management clients who had gastric band hypnotherapy with me last year. My client has given her consent to posting this content on my wall :-

From Julie Ley, from a post yesterday in the hypnotherapy solutions weight loss support group. 

Hi everyone, so glad to see things are going well for you all, weighed today and lost 2 ld, but have lost more in inches, I was so pleased as gone down another dress size now at a 16 when I started I was a 24, so I am a happy bunny. As you say Dawn its not like a diet just the way it changes ones eating habits. I some times pick as well but seem to go for the good things fruit etc, and Jo your coleslaw recipe is brill , only change I made for myself is adding honey instead of sweetener, Phil also loves it.


Why not call me today if you want to discuss any aspects of weight management. Free phone consultation of up to thirty minutes available.

Call Trevor Wales on 01726 69703. 


Controversial opinion in the Guardian about the effectiveness of Hypnobirthing


Added 21st March 2013

After reading this article this morning ,I feel really compelled to defend the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a wide arena of clinical uses. In my view I think this piece of journalism is very poorly informed and badly researched and perhaps clearly biased by the experiences of the writer from her ability  to achieve the hypnotic state. 

What a shame Zoe Williams ,the journalist who wrote this damning article has such a narrow misinformed understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I would recommend that a study of the eminent surgeon James Esdaile who conducted thousands of operations using hypnosis without the use of anaesthetics before they were commonly in use would perhaps lead her to learn and understand about the Esdaile state or to give its correct name somnambulism. In the state of somnambulism it is possible to carry out operations as evidenced by a BBC documentary with Cathy Sykes on alternative medicine televised in 2007 where the subject was a female patient who had a tooth extracted without the use of anaesthetics but was in a clinically induced state of somnambulism through hypnosis



Trevor Wales. Dip  Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. CRSST. CNHC. 



Article in the Cornish Guardian on my quit smoking treatment session


Do you want to quit smoking and beleive that you cant? Do you beleive its impossible? 

Do you think its and addiction or just plain simple habit? 

I recently carried out a very successful Easy quit Smoking treatment with the Sub editor of the Cornish Guardian, Charlotte Nicholson.

As people stub out heir cigarettes for the final time to mark national No Smoking Day today, Charlotte Nicholson took the unusual step of giving her willpower a helping hand. NEW year has come and gone, resolutions have been cast aside and forgotten and many have moved onto the next challenge of giving up something for lent. The reality is though, if you really want to change something, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

As an on-off smoker for the past ten years, I had decided that I was approaching a time when I should think about kicking the habit for goodYou can read all about it here.  

Six - eight months later I caught up with sub Editor Charlotte Nicholson to see how she had fared during the period since the editorial was published. Charlotte was still a very happy non smoker!



Its a habit not an addiction.You learned to smoke and you can just as easily unlearn. I used to smoke up to sixty a day and started around age elven or twelve, I cant remember and I smoked for over thirty years. 

Hypnosis can help us quit those bad habits for once and for all


Trevor Wales. Dip  Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. CRSST. CNHC. 


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