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Before we start with hypnosis I use this personality profile test with each of my clients to enable me to correctly assess my client’s personality make up. The results indicate to me the most suitable hypnotic approach to use for each individual person that is most likely to ensure that the optimum state of hypnosis is reached where effective therapy work can take place.

Based upon the ground breaking work of one of the UK's leading hypnotherapists and psychotherapists Terence Watts of who is the author of the ground breaking book, 'Warrior's Settler's and Nomads, discovering who we are and what we can be'.

The book is an astonishingly accurate look at the elements that comes together to create our personality traits and is based upon ground breaking evolutionary psychology developed by Terence.

The text of the personality test is used with kind permission by Terence Watts:-

In the split second moment of conception, the two streams of genetic information from your parents, handed on from generation to generation over literally hundreds of millennia, combined in one single cell that was to become you. It ensured that you became a totally unique living record of the lives and ways of your ancestors. And we are not just talking about the way you look - we are talking about your ancestral memories, the complete set of instincts and response patterns that were responsible for the survival of those two genetic streams in the first place. The instincts and response patterns that you were actually born with.  .. to read more click on the link. 

Take the free personality test

Famous people who have used hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is one of the mighty secrets used by star athletes and other famous people. Some of the greatest people that have ever lived have accomplished so much and have achieved magnificent accomplishments during and after hypnosis.

To give you some ideas , many pro golfers use hypnosis because of the intensity of the game and the concise concentration that is required. It is quite commonplace for pros such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to frequently use hypnotherapy

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Famous people who have used hypnotherapy


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