Sailing the stormy waters of life. Are you prepared mentally,physically and spiritually?


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Ask any sailor about the importance of preparation before a voyage and making good on the course they are sailing and they will tell you their wisdom and why it is so important.

When sailing for a destination one has to prepare both mentally and physically. A sailor will have assessed the weather and tide conditions and consulted charts for tides and obstacles. A decent sailor will have checked the preparedness of his vessel making sure all is well and in working order. Fuel, sails, flares, anchor, life preservers etc.   No sailor will ever set to sea without taking on board a compass, charts and everything necessary for a successful voyage.

Mentally a sailor must prepare for the journey too, making a good plan and having contingencies in place. Whilst sailing the sailor and crew constantly trim the sails and rudder to stay on course. One cannot expect to set the sails and hope that the boat will somehow end up at its destination. Indeed the chances of that happening are very low to zero in fact.  Sometimes an unexpected squall appears from nowhere or the wind drops completely and one can almost end up going backwards especially if the current is strong, strong tidal currents can knock the boat of course as can sudden wind shifts, other shipping can get in the way which may mean avoidance tactics to keep safe and on course...

And so it is in life too. There are obvious parallels which can be drawn in the journey of life with sailing. Plan well, have a purpose in mind, keep focussed. Keep your dream or purpose in mind and enjoy the journey but be prepared for changes. The essentials are a good chart, a compass and an understanding of the territory and the weather. Sometimes a storm may blow you of course and obstacles may stand in your way but just as a good sailor knows what to do and adjusts for the course accordingly, even if that means making for a safe harbour for a while to take a rest and take on necessary provisions and wait out the storm so too do we need to develop these qualities of courage, strategic planning, focus, commitment, determination and tenacity to succeed with our own life goals. The interesting thing is even people who believe they do not have what it takes to develop these life skills can through leadership coaching learn and develop these skills along with  the confidence to integrate them into daily life.



Using NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can quickly integrate and learn these success skills which leads to a more positive confident knowledge base in life skills and a more confident and enriched personality a quality of life.  


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New practice locations in Cornwall


New blog added 27th Feb2015


I have three new exciting announcements to make today with regards to my practice locations across Cornwall.

In St Austell,I will be able to offer my therapy services at two places,Counsellors together CLC,premises at no 1,19,Old Duke Street St Austell PL25 5PQ conveniently located in the centre of town and also at the Healing Sanctuary at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Kings Avenue,which is very conveniently located just a minute or two's walk away from St Austell Railway Station and Bus Terminus. 


The therapy room at Counsellors together at  Old Duke Street St Austell. 


The premises at Counsellors together offers very easy access with only one small flight of stairs and is very private quiet and discreet. I am really looking forward to working with my clients from this new base. There is also a meeting room with media facilities which will open up the possibilities of training and group therapy sessions.

The Church of the Holy Spirit healing room is at ground floor level with only a slight gradient down into the building through the gate and this will be good for any of my clients who would find having to manage a flight of steps too difficult. 


Awaiting picture of the Healing Sanctuary



The second announcement I am pleased and delighted to make is that I have been able to secure a room at Old Bridge Street Therapy in Truro. This is a fantastic opportunity to work in an established practice with the practice owner Annette, of Annette MacCaul Hypnotherapy. I'm sure that this will enable me to develop my successful business even further and am looking forward to working with Annette to not only develop my hypnotherapy practice, but also in developing other projects we have in the pipeline...
I look forward to seeing my clients in these new locations.



The Therapy room at Old Bridge Street Therapy Truro





Quit smoking. How many sessions will I need?



New blog added 27th Feb2015




Quit smoking. How many sessions will I need?


The most honest answer any therapist can give you is it all depends upon you upon your level of determination and personal commitment and taking responsibility for your outcomes. As therapists we provide you with the tools and we are facilitators to guide and direct you into hypnosis. As long as you listen regularly to the CDs and also exercise an element of willpower too then you stand a very high probability of successfully quitting smoking using hypnotherapy.

The value you put upon your health and the price you are prepared to pay to go to those lengths have everything to do with if you are successful or not however you quit. I've had people in the past tell me that they will only pay £100.00 to quit smoking and expect it to be in just one session and they have smoked heavily for years.  On the other hand I have had people who have done just that and quit in one session. They are almost though exclusively social smokers. I have had clients who have had four or five sessions and sometimes more and quit and they said they would have been prepared to take as long as it took them until they quit. That is personal commitment.

Generally for most light to medium smokers you should expect a consultation fact finding session and at least two to three sessions. Some people, particularly the long term hardened smokers may find they are more resistant to hypnotic suggestion and need more than two or three sessions. The essential thing for client and therapist to have an understanding of is uncovering my clients ‘WHY’ to pave the way for successful therapy. I usually find out at the outset what the persons WHY for smoking is, however, some people may not realise why they have a compulsive habitual need to smoke. They may smoke because of lack of self esteem and confidence or through high stress levels due to work/relationship problems. Some people smoke because they believe it makes them more attractive and some people smoke because it’s their way of being in control. All of these the smoker may not even be aware of as it is a deeply buries subconscious behavioural set which needs bringing to the surface.  These are issues which need to be identified and dealt with in their own right before the subconscious mind can accept the suggestions of being a non smoker. Without going down this path first one may only find partial success for a few months perhaps if at all, because this is what is known as a secondary gain and as such it has to be addressed at the outset.


The more hardened long term chronic smoker can realistically expect more sessions than two or three. I have had clients in my therapy chair who have been heavy smokers for years and who have needed six or more sessions which have turned out to be very successful. This may cost a few hundred pounds but if successful you’re not only saving money are you?



Hypnosis for business mindset development.


Are you in Business for yourself? Do you want to improve your sales and your teams sales figures? 

If you answered yes then you need to read on

Hypnosis is the one completely natural self development tool with no artificial stimulus or unnatural additives which really works through harnessing the power you already have within you! The power and creativity of your own awesome mind!

Each of us were born to be as successful as we CHOOSE to be,we just need to decide whether or not to make that choice.Hypnosis is a natural state which we enter into every single day of our lives often without even realising it,when we read a book or watch tv or engage in something we do on autopilot, it is something we do quite naturally.However when we have the understanding and knowledge of the power and flexibility of just how to use hypnosis for our own self development in a precisely focussed way it is a guaranteed game changer that can take us to any level of success we determine for ourselves.
If everyone really understood the power of hypnosis and could accept the fact that it is a natural and personal state of mind that we can all access and not some spell that a wicked hypnotist puts you under or some gimmicky parlour trick, everyone would be using it voluntarily to help them create their own best success and happiness,whatever that means to each individual

Hypnosis is a private,personal self development tool that gives you a real creative edge, one with a scientific and medical proven track record and one that can change lives and minds.

Hypnosis can accelerate your learning ability.Improve your focus and motivation. Improve your confidence,determination and resilience,all natural resources we possess deep within already which are sometimes affected by setbacks and unforeseen consequences when things dont always go to plan.

How often do we start of with good intentions and high motivation and then something comes along to give us a big knock back? It might be something as simple as a lot of No's!

What hypnosis gives you the ability to do is to shine a highly concentrated natural focus upon those areas one wishes to develop at the subconscious level where all of our thoughts behaviours and actions are formed and bring those to the fore of your conscious mind so that they integrate naturally into your very way of being. Just ask anyone who has used hypnosis successfully for themselves and they will know what this statement means

If you are in business hypnosis is a self development tool that you should be taking very seriously as it gives you the power to access your own best inner resources and create your future with laser like mind set focus and precision.

If you know you are lacking in these areas they are skills and abilities that are already there but are either laying dormant or your internal self belief system and internal dialogue are working against you creating limiting beliefs and behaviours and sabotaging your own conscious efforts.

Hypnosis works and I have helped many people find that edge to develop the mindset they need to succeed.Why not join those people who have discovered the life changing power of hypnosis?

Hypnosis is for everyone but particularly apt for people who are in network marketing who understand about mindset and the importance of mindset and who need to find good reliable business tools to invest in. When you invest in Hypnosis you are investing in yourself and that is the best investment you could possibly make. Team leaders may also wish to consider not only the benefits of using hypnosis for self development but also the benefits for building strong teams committed to fast tracking their success. Hypnosis turbo charges your mind set and can give you wings to soar!

Are you ready to take your personal success to the next level? Are you ready to invest in yourself and your future?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you should get in touch with me to discuss your personal development plan and find out about my new year January Early Bird limited sale discounts.

Call me on 01726 69703 for further information and to book your place.

Trevor Wales. Dip Hyp. BWRT. GQHP.GHR.CRSST. CNHC.


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