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A bit about the way I work with Therapy


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A few things about Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy solutions

  • Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions hypnosis and EFT treatments have helped people stop smoking, lose weight, get over fears and phobias, Manage chronic pain, and relieve stress and much more.Trevor has clients who have recommended him to their friends and who have returned to use his hypnotherapy services to help improve other areas in their lives.
  • Trevor Wales is a fully Diploma qualified hypnotherapist and is covered by full liability insurance.
  • Trevor Wales is a member of several professional bodies, most notably the General Hypnotherapy Register and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.
  • Trevor is client centred, personable, thorough, caring, and empathic and Trevor helps his clients get great results every time
  • Trevor is an excellent listener, very meticulous in his work and helps his clients with care, dedication and sensitivity. He is very passionate and caring about the work he does and your success and satisfaction are his primary goals
  • Trevor coves all of Cornwall including:-Bodmin, Bude, Camborne, Falmouth, Fowey, Hayle, Helston, Launceston, Liskeard, Looe, Newquay Padstow, Polperro Penzance, Redruth, St Austell, St Ives, Saltash, Truro, Wadebridge.
  • Trevor also covers all of Devon too.
  • In addition to Trevor’s one to one Hypnosis services Trevor also offer treatments both nationally and internationally via Skype video link.
  • Trevor  writes a unique personally tailored script for each of his clients based upon the findings at the consultation.This ensures a targeted therapy approach based upon each clients specific presenting issue and individual needs and is far more effective than the ‘one size fits all’ off the peg hypnosis CD scripts that are available which often do not deliver the results the client is looking for. Furthermore as progress is made it is relatively easy to change and adapt the script to reflect the clients progress and new situation.
  • Trevor also offers personalised hypnosis recordings by high quality audio sate of the art CD,or MP3 download both nationally and internationally.For more information on my CD service see my charges & contact page
  • Trevor’s hypnotherapy service incorporates NLP and EFT where helpful and appropriate.
  • Trevor’s specialism’s are Anxiety issues, Improved Confidence, Fears and Phobias, Improved Performance, Motivation, weight lossstop smoking, stress management and pain management.

How do I work with you? 

I am totally client centred, very patient and caring and I have a highly self-confident disposition both in my therapeutic approach and my beliefs about what hypnosis can achieve for the individual. One of the cornerstones of successful hypnosis treatments is in helping the client get to that place where they too really believe that they can make that change with the assistance of hypnosis.

To quote a favourite proverb or two.

Faith can move mountains.

Whatever you believe, you can achieve. 

They may sound a little hackneyed, but they are universal truths and it's my job to help you with the creation of those beliefs !

For successful hypnotherapy treatment outcomes to take place, confidence and belief in the therapeutic process on the part of both the therapist and client working together are essential alongside an understanding of the nature of the problem and its root cause. I believe these are key essential ingredients of successful hypnotherapy. I have seen this for myself working alongside other professional hypnotherapists over and over again. From the very beginning I work with my clients to help them understand the root causes, how they might have happened and why they may be experiencing the limits, blocks and frustrations that are holding them back from living the life they want to live. From understanding comes progress and the ability to make change, walking from limitation frustration and darkness to freedom happiness and light.

Have you ever noticed how the best and most successful hypnotherapists such as Paul Mc Kenna achieve such successful results with their clients and subjects time and time again? It is because not only is he an expert in his field he is so confident in his own expertise and his ability to put his clients totally at ease and to help them understand how hypnosis works and to help them believe in the possibility of change that his results are so successful……

"The best therapists understand the importance of managing their clients expectations and belief is the cornerstone of helping clients to make the changes they seek"Trevor Wales.Dip Hyp BWRT

 I have a very passionate belief in the power of the mind and what hypnosis can achieve and I am very confident that hypnosis can produce profound changes in people to help them improve their lives. I am very confident in my abilities to help my clients anchor and strengthen their beliefs to make their desire for change a concrete reality. I realised a long time ago just how important it is for my clients successful treatment outcomes to put them completely at ease right from the beginning and project an air of confidence and assurance that strengthen and emboldens my clients belief systems that they have made the right choice in using hypnosis and have come to the right person, a true professional who understands them and who can help them overcome their problems and help them make the changes they want.

As you can see above, Successful Hypnotherapy treatments rely largely in part on the confidence of the client really believing that change IS possible and a therapist who is unable to build that belief in their client and project that confidence is unlikely to be able to help their client make that change. It’s a bit like getting in a taxi where the car is a bit of a beaten up wreck and the driver is uncertain of where they are going and how they are going to get there. You wouldn’t take that journey would you? You want a totally confident professional to get you to where you want to be. You would not put your trust in anything less.
My track record and success rates are very good and I have received great testimonies from my satisfied customers, which you can read here on my success stories link.

So what makes my hypnotherapy treatments deliver results they do?

At Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions each client is treated as an individual and as no two people are alike, my hypnosis scripts are personally tailored to suit your unique needs, to help ensure the right results for you.

From the outset of the consultation I will gather a lot of information to get to the root of the matter in order to make the best decisions as to how best to treat you so you can get the results you want. So you can expect quite a lot of questions and suggestions. This is because occasionally some clients come along who have other deeper issues which need resolving first before we can start working with the main suggestion therapy for it to be successfully accepted. Just like an onion we all have many different layers.

Another very significant factor which determines whether hypnotherapy will be delivered with maximum effectiveness so that the client gets the results they want is that the right type of hypnotic induction style needs to be established during the consultation. During this session I assess each client's basic personality profile to decide which style of hypnotic induction technique I will use that will yield the best treatment results for you.

I use a personality profiling technique pioneered by one of the UK's leading hypnotherapy and psychotherapy trainers, Terence Watts. His groundbreaking research and subsequent book, 'Warrior, Settlers and Nomads', establishes the fact that as no two people are alike, a totally unique induction style for each person is required to deliver the most effective result. Using this targeted method of hypnotic induction is one of the main reasons that my hypnotherapy treatments are so successful.

A person who is quite analytical and has difficulty in letting go control needs a completely different approach from the person who is quite flamboyant and outgoing as does the person who is very easy going and likes to be liked. If you want to know more you can take your own personality test by clicking on the link here and spending a few minutes answering some questions about yourself. The results may Surprise you!

I also incorporate NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) into my treatment services which are highly recognized therapy tools which compliment Hypnotherapy treatments very well, giving me greater diversity in the treatments which I can offer my clients to help them on their individual journeys to successful life change. All of this ensures you the customer, that you will always receive the very best level of effective Hypnotherapy treatments. I hope I can look forward to helping with whatever it is that you would like to achieve.




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