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A new year .... looking back over the past.


This year in May it will be five years since I set up Hypnotherapy Solutions in Cornwall and it will be eleven years this year since I took the decision to make a life changing decision and study Hypnotherapy with a view to changing career paths and helping people to improve their lives and help them through the maze of what sometimes seemed to them unsolvable problems until they discovered Hypnotherapy.I gained my diploma after an intensive year long course passing with one of the highest grades. 

Since gaining my diploma I have been helping people to create positive change in their lives for ten years and it’s been a privilege to have been able to help all of the people who have come to see me over the years. 


As a compassionate person and therapist I derive a huge amount of satisfaction helping people to improve their lives. As a hypnotherapist I tend to get very different reactions from people. The two most typical being either one of great interest and curiosity or of suspicion and distance as if I'm somehow going to make someone do something against their will. Nothing could be further from the truth in fact. Hypnotherapy is about personal empowerment of helping people to break out of the trance sleep of habit and conditioned responses as a result of social conditioning and implanted self beliefs, those things that other people tell them or the negative self talk they tell themselves.

Hypnotherapy is about helping people to access their own inner wisdom, their own best resources and helping them create change within and take back control. Looking back I am very glad I made the choice to change career paths. The journey is not always easy.The hours are long, the studying and keeping abreast of change intense at times but its all been worthwhile to help people improve their lives. I love what I do.


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