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Article in the Cornish Guardian on my quit smoking treatment session


Do you want to quit smoking and beleive that you cant? Do you beleive its impossible? 

Do you think its and addiction or just plain simple habit? 

I recently carried out a very successful Easy quit Smoking treatment with the Sub editor of the Cornish Guardian, Charlotte Nicholson.

As people stub out heir cigarettes for the final time to mark national No Smoking Day today, Charlotte Nicholson took the unusual step of giving her willpower a helping hand. NEW year has come and gone, resolutions have been cast aside and forgotten and many have moved onto the next challenge of giving up something for lent. The reality is though, if you really want to change something, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is.

As an on-off smoker for the past ten years, I had decided that I was approaching a time when I should think about kicking the habit for goodYou can read all about it here.  

Six - eight months later I caught up with sub Editor Charlotte Nicholson to see how she had fared during the period since the editorial was published. Charlotte was still a very happy non smoker!



Its a habit not an addiction.You learned to smoke and you can just as easily unlearn. I used to smoke up to sixty a day and started around age elven or twelve, I cant remember and I smoked for over thirty years. 

Hypnosis can help us quit those bad habits for once and for all


Trevor Wales. Dip  Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. CRSST. CNHC. 


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