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Brain working Recursive Therapy ®



Recently within the last week I have completed an intensive training course for an exciting and astonishing new therapy. The therapy is called Brain Working Recursive Therapy ® and  is very a new  therapy which has been developed by Terence Watts of Hypnosesnse .com. Many thousands of hours in developmental trials work were put into place into BWRT before it was only recently launched onto the world therapy stage. 

This entirely new therapy which takes place in a fully conscious fully cognitive state for the client is capable of producing very rapid positive change in a very short period of time with noticeable changes been experienced very quickly and complete resolution of an issue sometimes within only  just a single therapy session.

I am now just awaiting certification before using registered trademarks on my website and advertising my services as a licensed registered practitioner of BWRT.

During the learning phase I have been working with another therapist abroad via Skype and between us we have successfully resolved three major issues in a very short time. I have also experienced the therapy at first hand too and can only attest to the fact that the results are very fast and truly astonishing

I will talk about my issue first:- Ever since childhood I have had a long standing issue of self acceptance and the feeling of not being good enough or intelligent enough amongst my peers and other successful people, this was entirely because of difficult  issues around family matters and my failings within the education system throughout my childhood.

Our family was a fractured family which had been at war with itself ever since I can remember from around the age of five until it ended in a divorce between my mother and father when I was fourteen.

My education suffered quite badly as a result of this and even though I was in a middle grade stream I found learning difficulties really hampered my progress and the fact that teachers often wrote me off as a quiet child who they believed didn't want to try only added to the difficulties I was experiencing in trying to learn and please my parents. The truth was quite the opposite though. I desperately wanted to learn but found concentrating so very difficult!

The humiliation of always coming in the bottom few in a class of over thirty and the jibes and taunts from class mates and the overbearing authoritarian reaction from a father  when I bought home my school report every year  was something which shaped and moulded my perception of self esteem and confidence compared to my peers for many, many years.

My father showed no interest or made any attempt to try and find a positive way of helping me unlock my potential, save for berating me for being lazy and slow and making me feel useless and asking why when he was so clever.

There have been recent tensions and issues in my relationship with my father once again and so I decided this was an issue that it was about time that I took control of and so in this my first session, this feeling of not measuring up to his expectation and not feeling good enough is the area that I decided to work on.

Since the therapy is content less, I volunteered very little information. To my utter astonishment, when asked to locate the emotion and feel its intensity, I found the energy still as raw and uncomfortable, perhaps even more so due to the current issues around my parent. A palpable feeling of sickness and feeling that I was just not good enough which I felt in the pit of my stomach. My perceived awareness level of discomfort score was a high 10. As we started working on my issue,within a few minutes, my perceived awareness level of the discomfort score steadily reduced to a 5 and then a 3 and then a zero. 

To my total astonishment with a very short space of time the issue was completely resolved. I am happy to say, that it is no longer a problem when I stop back and think about it. That feeling just isn't there. Its like although the memory is there, that all the emotional content has been erased and replaced with a new feeling of knowing that I am as good as anyone else!  

 During therapy, I remembered and felt that awful sick feeling I used to feel when I and my father were alone in the kitchen with my school report and the feeling of dread I know would ensue as he read the report back to me and pulled it apart bit by bit, that I had already had read to me by my teacher!  Along with that feeling came a feeling of not being good enough and not being good enough to measure up to my father’s standards.

Within a few short loops of using a virtual world memory replacement of how I wanted that emotion to change from one of not being good enough to one of being good enough I can honestly say that has changed a great deal for me.

There is a school of thought that says a lot of therapists have like most people been thorough the mill and have had to face and conquer personal issues before coming into the world of therapy and I think this is true.

The person I worked with, for reasons of client confidentiality I will not go into any personal details suffice to say that the two areas we have worked on was an elimination of a lifelong fear of the dark and the eradication of writers block, that feeling of being unable to write anything and feeling not good enough to express ones though in words. During the process I watched my client’s reaction as a big smile came over their face as they said I feel fantastic about this now. During  the disclosure stage, my client shared with me the fact that the bad feeling which was a high 9 on a scale of 1-10  was now completely gone and only a good confident feeling remained.

All this in just fifteen minutes. Truly astonishing.

This new therapy is already making waves in the world of therapy and in time I believe will be the therapist's modality of choice, of that I think we can be certain. Brain working is content-less therapy where the client does not need to tell the therapist about their issue unless they feel it would be helpful or unless they feel the need to. 

As the BWRT website says, no matter what walk of life, what age and how long a person has had a problem, problems that have lasted for years and years can often be resolved in just one session with issues seeming to miraculously fade away almost instantly and having been on the receiving end with old childhood memories around school reports and parent issues and not feeling good enough, I can personally testify to the extraordinary change. 


Here are a few examples from the BWRT website of where BWRT is known to be most effective.

Weight management - diets often don't work... this usually does!

Habits - most, if not all, habits can so easily become something you used to do...

Relationship problems - most relationship difficulties can be easily resolved.

Stress and Anxiety - as unbelievable as it seems, these can just melt away!

Personal Confidence - personal confidence can literally soar with this therapy.

Social Phobia - this can disappear so completely, it's as if it had never existed.

Fears - many fears dissolve to the point where they are completely non-existent.


Do have a look at the website as Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a very powerful change tool and does not rely on the modality of hypnosis at all. 

In Brain Working Therapy you are fully awake at all times and the therapist does not use suggestion or dissociation in this therapy. The process is very safe.

During therapy you are guided to use your own inner resources, your own thoughts, creating the feeling and memory you want to feel with the result being a completely natural change from within for you, the client. This process allows clients to make very rapid and effective successful change 

What is really interesting about this therapy is the fact that it opens it up to almost everyone. In hypnosis not everyone is suitable for treatment if they suffer from certain medical conditions. Also, the risk of abreaction for the client is much lower and easier to manage for the client compared to hypnotherapy where regression to cause hypno-analysis is being used to uncover an original sensitising experience.

Also, as has been evidenced by the Skype sessions I have taken part in and the testimonial evidence from other practitioners using BWRT, this is a therapy that can be conducted successfully via Skype even when the connection and audio quality is somewhat inconsistent and with group sessions.  I think this therapy will continue to make many positive waves for a long while to come as it becomes more well known and people tell their friends and family about how it has changed their lives for the better.







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