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Do you think your stuck and feel hopeless? There is good news.


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Inner change is possible.


Sometimes when we are stuck in a dark horrible place inside of ourselves things can seem bleak and awful and we may feel many emotions, we may feel wretched, sad, angry, not good enough. We may find ourselves in situations where we stop being able to do the things that we normally do, those things we take for granted,like going out, socialising, driving, and other things.
We may feel as if life is simply out to get us and not in our control. Most likely, we also may not understand why what we are going through is happening to us and we may well ask "Why Me and when will things change or simply get back to normal? " 

 That dark place can sometimes seem lonely, isolating and unending. We may carry intrusive thoughts through into every waking moment of our lives, but as a therapist of over fourteen years im here to tell you that no matter how things feel now if you happen to be going through some of the things I mentioned above, change is possible. It might feel impossible now, but please take hope because it most certainly is possible. The journey may be tough at times and may take months in some cases but it can and does happen for many of my clients I work with.

Since the early part of the year I have been working with several clients with long term complex issues of various types from self identity crisis, emotional abuse, confidence, motivation, procrastination, fears and phobias. 
Some of the issues were affecting those clients on a personal level whilst for some it was affecting their business lives and hurting their cash flow and business.



Over the time we have been working together  all of these clients have been sending me regular updates between appointments to say how the therapies I have worked with  has improved their lives.

Working at the subconscious level is so much more effective and efficient than at the conscious level and it is a highly specialised skill that requires regular training investment in understanding the human brain, how it works and the human condition.
Yesterday I received three messages from clients booking in their follow-up appointments that all said how much better they feel as a result of the investment in themselves choosing Hypnotherapy and BWRT and the other very significant therapies I use such as dreamscaping, gosh and steps.


The most stand out comment was from a client who started working with me in February and who has some very deep issues that have one by one being resolved. Some of this persons issues were relationship based where infidelity had totally damaged them causing a significant loss of personal confidence.
The message received yesterday was to say how much better they feel and how they sleep better too as a result of being able to put their previous heartbreak behind them.




Please note, the feedback given to me is always checked with my clients for permission to share their journey and it is always anonymised so as to preserve client confidentiality.



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