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How hypnotherapy can help with depression and self esteem issues. A blog about a clients journey from suicidal thoughts to wellness.





Suicide is a very difficult and taboo subject to discuss but in it is sadly more and more commonplace  in society these days and affects many people from all walks of life, both rich & poor, the well educated and the poorly educated.


There have been various preconceptions generated in the press and media about suicidal personality types over the years and some of those preconceptions were not always helpful seemingly creating stereotypes. However in recent years thankfully those perceptions have changed and most enlightened people understand that what happens to people on their life journeys can create the circumstances that lead to severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Earlier this year I attended a short course run by ASIST which stands for applied suicide intervention skills training. This course was a very valuable course which looked at a very broad spectrum of circumstances and situations and trained attendees in how to intervene in a suicide situation to keep the person safe for now and moving forwards finding them the help they need.

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As a therapist I work with a broad range of presenting issues but over recent years more frequently people are coming to see me presenting with #anxiety and depression. This year I have worked with three clients from various backgrounds and various parts of the country who when they came to see me and started therapy with me were suffering serious depression and were experiencing suicidal thoughts.  The backgrounds of the presenting issues were  varied, one was relating to long term marital troubles where they could see no way out ,another was surrounding isolation and family troubles and financial problems and another was a long term sense of identity relating to childhood abandonment issues and abusive relationships.  


This morning I received an email from a client who I began working with back in July. This person comes from a professional management business background and has gone through some dramatic life changes.  When this person came to see me they had already been suffering from a long term issue of loneliness, low self esteem and self worth and an identity crisis. This persons circumstances had led them to contemplate suicide and to make matters worse their GP they felt was completely unhelpful. That is when they turned to me. The journey in therapy was not always an easy one but slowly and steadily good progress was made and month by month both client and I have been able to see good improvements  using the therapeutic  evaluation tools that I use such as the ‘wheel of life’ analysis tool along with patient health questionnaire and general anxiety disorder scales.  The advantage of these tools is that it gives both client and patient an overview of how things are changing. The most important thing of course is listening to the client and taking on board how they feel and using somatic questioning to determine the quality , validity and depth of those answers which helps the client to really connect with themselves and understand themselves and judge whether those answers or how they feel reflects their own inner truth. The email this morning talks of feeling self empowered, feeling calmer and having a strong sense of self belief where they can step away from therapy and go forward into the world on their terms with confidence looking to lead and not follow and to believe in themselves once again.


To receive an email like this is very good leaving me with a very good feeling to have been instrumental through the use of applied solution focussed hypnotherapy to  able to help this person upon their life journey in making significant change and is further testimony to the power of good therapy and in particular hypnotherapy to help create positive inner change, all of this without the intervention of  anti depressants or drug therapy of any kind. 

Hypnotherapy is capable of creating real lasting change in all areas of life not just anxiety and depression.  

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