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How hypnotherapy changed my clients life and how my client lost two stone in weight

New blog added 24th Oct 2016


At the foot of this blog is the latest progress report from one of my weight management clients I have been working with over the last few months. 
When my client came to see me they had been stuck as far as slimming went. They had been on various diets none of which consistently worked for them. When this client came to see me they knew two things.
Number 1. They knew that because of the failed diets they had been on before that their thinking had to change.
Number 2. They knew that the root of their problem lay in their eating HABITS. You see a lot of people eat when they are feeling down to help themselves feel better or they will eat when bored for something to do.

To succeed and lose weight, my client knew they had to change dramatically in their thinking and habits because everything else had failed. What my client had learned to understand is that the subconscious part of our minds has the greater control over our conscious minds and they understood that working with hypnosis and bypassing the conscious mind it was possible the create changes at the subconscious level where all of our beliefs and habits are formed. 
They understood where their inner conflict lay and the very thing that they did differently as to what most people who yo-yo diet all through their lives, going from one diet to another, is that they came to the consideration of using hypnotherapy with a completely open mind.


Why has my client been so successful?
One of the first things which was immediately apparent is that my client had some self esteem issues and I explained that in order for progress to be made the foundations had to be put in place and this is where we started. I also explained that this weight management programme was unique and custom tailored and needed to be taken very seriously and that everything I advised them to do in the pursuit of becoming healthy and fit need to acted upon without fail. This they did!  They joined a gym, took regular exercise even at the end of a busy day, they went for regular long walks, they now Skip regularly (Did you ever see a fat Boxer?) More importantly they changed what they eat and keeping a daily food and exercise diary was pivotal in helping them to create their success.

Not so long ago I received a message on facebook which said this:-  

"Hi Trevor. Just wanted to share some success with you... I've just done a double dance fitness class. The first one was strictly steps which copies some of the dance steps from strictly. Very good exercise and was sweating by the end if the first dance! This class lasted 1 hr. Then second class was zumba... lots of movement and cardio exercise. Again this lasted 1hr. So this evening I have completed 2hrs of exercise.... My instructor has said I should try Zumba extreme (advanced class!) As lots of the newer people are copying me :) Absolutely shattered but very happy. Before I started hypnotherapy my evenings would be sat on sofa watching telly and eating fast food... never would I have thought that I would be able to complete 2 hrs of exercise in 1 evening. When I first went Zumba I was out of breath within minutes and thought I wouldn't make it though the class... now I'm being asked to go advanced class and doing back to back classes. Thank you very much and see you on Saturday. "

Hypnotherapy was the key to helping my client access their own best inner resources and change not only what they eat and the way they eat and to make regular exercise a part of their daily routine. Hypnotherapy helped shift their ideas and behaviours towards certain foods. It also helped them change their beliefs about themselves and who they are and how they feel in themselves. Hypnotherapy is a skill that can help access the subconscious mind and help clients create strong personal behavioural changes that are in line with their deepest desires and beliefs   

At the beginning like most people my client probably thought that their behaviours and beliefs around eating habits and their views on food were 'unique' to them with their problem of not being able to get their weight under control..... and for most, when people have problems that they can't seem to solve, the thought that they must be the only ones with that problem tends to be human nature and so they try hard and fail and then try harder and harder and still fail and they come to think they must be the only one stuck in this way and perhaps think there is something wrong with them even though there are most likely thousands of people out there with the same problem.

When we are stuck with a problem, because we tend to focus on it a lot, it becomes big and we tend to think we are the only ones experiencing that problem. We try harder and harder and what we find is that the harder we try the harder it is to achieve.

What is happening is in fact the law or reverse effect. This law was conceived around the turn of the twentieth century by Emile Coue, a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion.The father of autosuggestion referred to it as the "Law of Reversed Effort." Coue's law stated, "whenever there is a conflict between the will (conscious effort) and the imagination (mental imagery), not only do we not do that which we wish, but we do the exact opposite." When one thinks that he would like to do something but feels he cannot, then the more he tries the more difficult it becomes. 

This is where the unique power of hypnosis comes into play where we can reprogramme me the subconscious mind..... I will say no more now but let my clients words speak for themselves:-

"Morning Trevor. I hope you're well. I've just weighed myself, fist time in couple of weeks. And good news, I'm now 17 10. This means I have lost 2 stone since starting with you. I'm very very happy with this progress. Going to work extra hard to get to 16 stone asap as 17 is my unlucky number! Have a great day. Thank you"

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