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How to choose a good therapist


New Blog added 26th January 2016


When choosing a therapist the best advice I can give to anyone considering hypnotherapy or any other mind based therapy is to choose a therapist with great care and consideration and who is the following:-

(a) properly qualified.

(There is no regulatory law at present in the UK which requires a practitioner to be properly qualified by law and licensed to practice.Anyone can set themselves up as a hypnotherapist with no professional qualifications whatsoever)

(b) has public liability insurance and who is upfront about disclosing their professional credentials.

(c) belongs to a governing professional body which means they are bound by a strict code of ethics.

(d) choose a therapist who you feel a good rapport with and who you feel you can put your trust in.



Remember that a good therapist is not about themselves and how clever and brilliant they are and and how they can make you do something and how many people they have put through their practice, its about you, all about you and empowering you to make those inner changes.A good therapist should be empathic, patient, able to listen and work creatively with you and should be flexible enough to help you through resistance, challenges, fears etc. A good therapist should also not be afraid of telling you like it is when necessary and find a way that inspires you to achieve rather than leaving you feeling a failure.A good therapist is all about helping you to facilitate personal change and growth.




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