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Hypnotherapy can be used for the treatment of long term depression



Do you suffer with depression short or long term? 



Feel as if your life is out of balance?


Do you suffer with depression, either long term or short term?  Have you tried counselling and other methods to help you overcome depression but seem to be making little or no progress?  Do you sometimes feel as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?  You may be surprised to find that there is. Hypnotherapy helped celebrity actress, artist  and author Hetty Baynes who suffered with long term depression for many years. 

Depression can take many forms and can be very intense whether it is short term or long term, the intensity and anguish and despair is all the same. The severity of depression can range from mild to moderate to severe.

These are some of the typical symptoms of depression:- Low self-esteem/image. Lethargy. poor motivation. Overwhelming sadness every day. Trouble getting out of bed. Suicidal thoughts*.Manic/Bipolar behaviour.

Suicidal thoughts* If you find yourself constantly thinking about suicidal thoughts you need to contact the Samaritans or your GP as soon as possible as the sooner you get help for yourself the sooner you will start to get these thoughts under control. I am also Asist trained in Suicide prevention intervention.

The reasons for the onset of depression are many and varied and may perhaps be the result of a chemical imbalance in a person as in the case of clinical depression such as bi polar. Depression may also be as a result of traumatic experiences that have had a deep lasting impact on the persons self image and how they view themselves in the world.

There are many different interventions for the treatment of depression some using prescription drugs or counselling or hypnotherapy. As anyone who suffers from depression or who has recovered from depression knows, the treatment can be highly complex and can take a very long time to manage and bring under control.

Hypnosis can be successfully used for either suggestion therapy or in hypnoanalysis.

Suggestion Therapy

In suggestion therapy a client is guided to focus upon positive concepts and outcomes and key behavioural and thought processes, overturning old negative ways of thinking and behaving and creating new positive belief structures, thereby changing perceptions of how they view life . Sometimes a client may be in denial, or may well have let life’s circumstances take such a hold that they neglect normal positive thinking and behavioural patterns. Suggestion therapy can be helpful in helping overturn these old patterns and can help release a person from addictive or habitual behaviour.


This highly effective therapeutic intervention can be used to take a client back to an original sensitising event or discover a forgotten or repressed significant emotional event related to the clients problem.

During hypnosis the client will be guided into both a relaxed and highly focused state of concentration and guided back to pinpoint the original event or events that they have blocked out in their unconscious mind but that are still having an impact from the subconscious level on their day to day functionality in the world.

Once the memory has been uncovered then therapeutic work can be done under hypnosis to heal and release past trauma. Metaphoric change work and dissociative processes can be very effective here. The process is often compared to peeling away layers of emotional trauma /experience  rather like an onion, revealing a hidden layer underneath Sometimes, depending on the depth or intensity of the problem a great positive change may be realised in just one session, more likely, it will take several sessions, working along a timeline and dealing with successive issues and emotional states

Although hypnotherapy can be used to treat and manage some depressive conditions, not all forms of depression are suitable for treatment with hypnotherapy.People suffering from delusions, hallucinations, or other psychotic symptoms might not be the best candidates for hypnotherapy.In the first case if you are considering hypnotherapy you should consult your GP to seek there guidance as it is possible that in some situations hypnotherapy could worsen conditions.  

Hypnosis can help to improve many of the conditions associated with depression. Here are a few  depressive conditions where hypnotherapy has been known to produce successful treatments:- 

Anxiety.Grief. Fears /Phobias. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) Sleep disorders. Stress. 

Of the variants that respond well the results are very well documented and are often long term.

Hetty's story was recently featured in the Express newspaper and you can read about it here. Just click on the picture to follow the link 

Over a two year period Hetty worked with a leading hypnotherapist based in Ascot Berkshire who helped her turn her life around and overcome her demons
I have worked  with numerous clients suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression both long term and short term and hypnotherapy has been very effective in helping my clients to overcome depression and go on to lead a happier and fulfilling life. Some people who suffer from depression find themselves drifting downwards into a spiral and reach a state of mind where they can find themselves contemplating suicide. Hypnotherapy can be a very effective treatment in helping people to overcome depression.
*In March of 2015 I completed a Suicide first aid intervention workshop for an organisation called Asist. (Applied suicide intervention skills training)  The course was sponsored and funded by Cornwall Council. If you know someone who you think may be at risk of taking their own life I can offer help. Alternatively has very helpful information.  
If you would like a completely free no obligation phone consultation to see if hypnotherapy could be right to help you manage anxiety or depression then please call me on 01726 69703. Call with confidence.  Confidentiality and Discretion guaranteed

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