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Hypnotherapy can very often be the answer to a lot of difficulties and problems and can help almost anyone .

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Hypnotherapy can very often be the answer and help to manage or solve many personal, emotional and relationship problems both simple and complex and also of a highly personal sensitive nature, often solving the problem altogether. Hypnotherapy is often used to help clients successfully lose and manage weight and to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy can also be used as a very powerful creative personal and business coaching and development tool to help you develop and realise your full potential, for example it is particularly useful for creative visualisation to help with improvements in performance in areas such as success mentoring and in anything to do with business performance, the arts and sports improvement and personal areas such as memory boosting and self confidence boosting.

Using hypnotherapy with clients, a light to moderate trance is all that is necessary and its important to note that you the client are the one who is in control. People are in light trance states many times in their daily lives often without even realising it. For example, when absorbed in reading a book or watching a movie or driving somewhere and not recollecting all of the details of the journey or anything that is engaged with that is something one does without even thinking about the process. Hypnotherapy can be used in very beneficial ways in many clinical applications too and in 2008 a scientist at the University of Liverpool found that hypnosis can slow down the impacts of dementia and improve quality of life for those living with the condition.

Guided hypnosis is a narrowing of focus and concentrating on a specific ideal at the exclusion of all else The experience of hypnosis can be best described almost like daydreaming where you are aware or not aware, perhaps you  have experienced that feeling where someone is talking to you whilst you are falling asleep and you answer quite dreamily. Hypnosis is a bit like that, it’s like having a half aware conversation with your eyes closed.

Trevor helps clients to create the changes they want and helps them to feel a whole lot better in themselves whether it is in their emotional state of wellbeing, managing issues such as anger, anxiety, stress, low self esteem or beating a habit or a fear phobia or simply just improving an aspect of personal performance.Trevor uses therapeutic interventions of Hypnotherapy, BWRT ®, EFT and NLP to help clients find and re-frame the original sensitising emotional events that were the trigger for their problems. During the therapeutic journey it is not uncommon to use a combination of modalities in some situations and so all the therapies that I work with are complementary to each other. 

Finding the trigger and helping the client to believe that they have the resources to create that inner change is a very important step in helping to empower the client to create effective lasting change. It is a very important part of the therapy approach that I use, because dealing with the root cause is fundamentally important to helping the client create their own inner change working with their own inner resources to change the way they think and feel about themselves, removing the limiting behaviour and helping the client to make positive shifts resulting in them feeling much better as the problem is banished



All Therapy works best when there is good rapport and a sound professional relationship between client and therapist. It is absolutely essential that the client has a high level of personal commitment to the process of inner change. As my clients therapist I will guide the client towards discovering and working with their own best inner resources enabling them in resolving their problems. I will often be in contact with my clients between sessions and  I will  also give my client tasks to undertake in between sessions. This is so that clients become partly responsible for their recovery  


Hypnosis gives you the keys to unlock the doors to you leading a much happier life and to create a deeper sense of fulfilment. Hypnosis can open up the doorways of opportunity for you to create better relationships, better success, whether in your personal life or your working life.




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