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Is Hypnosis just another money making scam?


Does hypnosis really work? Is it all a scam?


It’s a question that is frequently asked. The fact is that the hypnotic state is very real indeed. It is a naturally occurring state and something which we ALL experience every single day and night.

How do we know hypnosis exists at all?

We enter the hypnosis state every time we go to sleep, it is that daydream in-between state, between sleep and waking, where we are still vaguely aware of sounds and things going on around us

We enter hypnosis every time we become so focussed and self absorbed in what we are doing to the exclusion of everything else, so for example a good book, or painting a picture, or driving on a long car journey or anything else where we just lose ourselves and become disconnected from our surroundings.

How many times have we all driven to somewhere and cannot remember all of the things we saw along the way? It is because we are focused so intently on the process of driving, which is by now an automatic function, which almost happens in a trance like state. We are using both our conscious faculty as well as our unconscious faculty which has become automatically conditioned in the process of driving skills enabling us to read the road ahead and be on the lookout for potential problems and hazards whilst taking care of the driving.

Anyone who engages in sports, arts, creative writing etc will be using self hypnosis involuntarily perhaps without realising it tapping into the power of their subconscious minds. However, there are many, many professionals who realise the power of hypnosis and use it as a tool, regularly and that is the key word, REGULARLY.

Some people think that hypnosis is a scam and a waste of money, and so it will never work for them as long as they hold those beliefs and even though they involuntarily enter hypnosis every day, It is their state of mind and their belief system which is their model of how they view the possibilities of hypnosis that dictates whether or not hypnosis will work for them. Their conscious belief system would present a very real challenge for them and the hypnotherapist to get them past their judgemental beliefs, to be relaxed enough to be guided by the hypnotherapist into a state of hypnosis where the suggestion therapy work can begin.

When a person believes in the power of hypnosis, there is a magic that starts to begin and a trust which starts to build, that something positive can happen and sometimes the changes can take place in just one session or sometimes over several.

Our core beliefs shape our reality and our confidence about what we beleive determines just how successful our out comes are. Who do you see in the mirror looking back at you?  

I have worked with many clients who really get the big picture! and these are the people who give themselves enough slack and who are not too hard on themselves, through being patient with themselves and who understand that change work is an ongoing process and who also make allowances for themselves that even though  positive results may start to manifest in just one or a few sessions, they understand that life is  a dynamic and ever changing process and so things may come about in their experience of daily life that may well seem to turn the clock backwards for them.

However, the main reasons these self same people are  so successful is that they know and understand that hypnosis is an incredible self development tool and that once learned can be used over and over again and for progression and lasting change to be experienced , needs to be worked at dynamically on a regular basis. Tiger Woods, one of the world’s great sportsmen uses hypnosis almost daily to keep him at the top of his game.

The reasons I commit my hypnosis scripts to CD is so that they can be listened to, guiding the client into hypnosis as and when needed and my most successful clients  tell me they use them regularly almost daily and why not? They have paid for them and because they are custom tailored for them, they are specifically targeted for the individual to yield the results they want to achieve.



These people have usually done a lot of research about hypnotherapy beforehand and already are open to the power of hypnosis and have probably read about how many intelligent, famous and professional people have used hypnosis to achieve their goals

 But is doesn't work for everyone.... What you put into a project or ideal is what you get out....

Imagine you want to be a seriously great golfer or sailor so you buy the best equipment to give you the best opportunity of success, but your heart and beliefs in your self aren't really there and you only use the equipment  occasionally, You have some good initial results , but then plateau out and lose heart,  so guess what?  Unless the equipment gets used and the person commits themselves to regular use and training the outcome is going to be failure.

Hypnosis is no different. Sometimes, the changes can be instant but may too wear off over time, which is why I record my scripts onto CD for my clients to listen to regularly. To get the best long term benefit you must be motivated to persevere and have self belief. 

For some people who struggle to make the permanent changes they are looking for, it cannot be magically expected to have instant permanent success in just one session; it needs to be worked at. It is totally un-realistic for example for someone suffering with a serious behaviour issue such as anger or a serious neurosis to expect to sit in for just one session and have that instantly resolved ,completely. Changes may start to happen in the first session and this does prove that hypnosis is a valuable therapy tool, but one needs to be patient and let the journey to change take its due course.

Granted that hypnosis because it is put in place at a subconscious level is incredibly powerful and can facilitate permanent change at a far faster pace than at a conscious level where subconsciously held beliefs and neurosis’s can  hijack our chances of success. However it is not an instant’ Snake Oil ,magic wand’  It is a very powerful magic wand of sorts and just  a brief conversation with people who use it and work with it on an almost daily basis will tell you how incredible it can be

And have confidence and patience that your outcomes will become manifest


So just how does hypnotherapy work?

When a person is in hypnosis, the conscious mind, our critical conscious faculty, is temporarily bypassed through the hypnotic process and it is whilst in this state that the subconscious mind can be directly addressed by the therapist through positive hypnotic suggestions, which as long as they are not against the individuals moral code and belief systems will be accepted and acted upon. Our subconscious mind does it best to protect us from harmful experiences and situations and for the most part is unquestioning and non judgemental but however can be  re –programmed or negotiated with to accept anything of benefit and the well being of the individual which is put to it.

The hypnotic suggestion therapy process allows for dramatic changes in thinking and behaviour to be facilitated, without our conscious judgemental minds interference getting in the way.

There is so much evidence based testimony out there to prove that hypnosis works and  it is there for anyone who is interested to see, much of it committed to video too.

There have been hypnotherapists who have been confident enough in the process who have undergone major surgery without anaesthetics and have allowed the process to be filmed.  Also countless patients around the world have also undergone operations without anaesthetics. In recent years, the most recent trend has been the process of Hypno Birthing which is gaining in popularity with many women.

Just last week I published an article on my blog about hypnotist Alex Lenki  who recently had a two hour operation on his ankle, under self hypnosis , where the surgeon had to saw through the ankle bone.

Hypnotist Alex Lenki , recently in the news

The Fact is that hypnotherapy is a very powerful and positive tool for self change that can help you unlock the door to realising your full potential. Hypnotherapy can be used in almost unlimited ways, whether it be for one to one treatments for resolving a personal problem or helping you to achieve greater skill or abilities such as in sport or the arts or helping businesses succeed in training strategies and techniques to help their work force improve their performance through aspects of motivation, learning and memory techniques and confidence. The possibilities are endless.

 Hypnosis and what it can achieve is almost Magic! 

Hypnosis is completely safe and drug free. Hypnosis is a natural way of providing you with a solution to help you to go beyond those limits and boundaries that may be holding you back and help yourself to make those positive lasting changes at the subconscious level where all thinking and behaviour patterns start. Not many people realise it, but all hypnosis is in fact self hypnosis and the role of the therapist is to help facilitate positive change by choosing the right words for the creation of a carefully worded hypnosis script that will bring about the desired results, because the right words correctly delivered, do indeed have a power and potency that can bring about profound transformational changes in thinking and behaviour.



In choosing your hypnotherapist, it is very important that you choose a hypnotherapist who is willing to not only answer all of your questions and deal with any concerns, but who is properly trained and belongs to at least one professional body and who is covered by professional liability insurance.

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