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New for 2016. Hypnotherapy /BWRT sessions in a beautiful location on the edge of St Austell

New blog added 13th Jan 2016

New for the forthcoming spring of 2016. An alternative therapy location to my current venue in St Austell will be at Pine Lodge Gardens in St Austell. For appointment bookings and enquiries call 01726 69703 or 07740 190261

Set in a 30 acre estate this beautiful location offers a wonderful alternative for clients who might like to have their hypnotherapy or BWRT treatments in this stunning and tranquil setting. 

The site is open seven days a week which makes weekend appointments available and offers free parking,is wheel chair friendly and access to the therapy room is at ground level making it ideal for clients who are unable to manage the flight of stairs at my existing location in town at 10 South street.There is also a cafeteria offering refreshments.The therapy room will be very quiet and discrete and comfortably appointed. It is expected that the room will be ready by early spring. 

 One of Pine lodge gardens very quiet corners .

The beauty of this location is the opportunity for walking and talking therapy in the gardens should the weather and the situation be appropriate. Whether you want to stay inside the comfort and privacy of the therapy room or venture outdoors both options can be accommodated.Pine lodge gardens is very large and there are many quiet corners to be able to sit and talk in privacy.



There is a very modest increase on hourly room hire charge at Pine lodge Gardens over my existing facility at 10 South street and to offset this each client who books with me will also be entitled to spend some time enjoying the peace and tranquillity of Pine lodge gardens after their appointment  with me on the day, completely free of charge. If  you would like to book your therapy sessions with me at Pine Lodge Gardens sessions are by appointment only and must be booked through me on my contact details and not through Pine lodge Gardens. The garden is an entirely separate business to my therapy practice and do not take any enquiries or bookings for my services at all. Please contact me for all enquiries on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261





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