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New Testimony for Brain Working Recursive Therapy


I would like to share a new testimony I have received from a person I have treated over skype in Vienna in Austria.   

Hi, I’m Gita from Vienna in Austria.

I want to tell you about Brain Working Recursive Therapy and how helpful it has been for me. I had been suffering from writers block, finding it difficult to find my creative spark and the self discipline to get down to the task of writing articles for my website.

I had been aware of BWRT for some time when I approached Trevor to help me with getting around writers block and I had read about how it could be a fast change therapy. I wondered if it was as good as it was claimed to be and as I had read numerous testimonials from other people who have benefitted from this remarkable therapy I wondered if it could really work for me.

 During our session which was over Skype as Trevor is situated in the UK and I am in Austria, Trevor gave some explanations to me in simple terms about how the brain works and how it is essentially a pattern matching device sifting through billions of bits of data and constantly evaluating and updating information, Trevor went on to explain then how issues like fears, phobias, and problems like mine are created in the mind and become apparently hard to shift and he then explained how BWRT could be used as a fast effective method to create long term change to help overcome those issues. Well within just one session of around eighty minutes my problem was resolved and I knew I had felt a major shift in my beliefs about my ability to write. I felt much better and just wanted to get on and write and I have done plenty of writing since then. This was back in May of this year.

 To be certain that BWRT really had worked ,I wanted to test the effectiveness of Trevor’s work with me  over the coming weeks and  months and now as several months have elapsed I feel that I am completely satisfied enough to say something about the effectiveness of  Brain Working Therapy.

I have been satisfied that this is a therapy that has been able to produce the results over a long term period of time of several months and I can see little or no reason to suppose that it will not be permanent . I am really glad that I chose to take the chance and decide to try and see if it could help me and I am happy to say that it has done.

Thank you Trevor.


I was delighted to receive this most recent testimony. Natural therapies can often help in ways that conventional medicine is unable to help. If you have an issue or problem that is causing you trouble, wherever you are in the world I can most likely help you.
Please feel free to contact me on my website contact page or by phone or skype. You will find all of my details there.  

Trevor Wales. Dip Hyp. GQHP. BWRT. GHR. CRSST.CNHC


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