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Sailing the stormy waters of life. Are you prepared mentally,physically and spiritually?


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Ask any sailor about the importance of preparation before a voyage and making good on the course they are sailing and they will tell you their wisdom and why it is so important.

When sailing for a destination one has to prepare both mentally and physically. A sailor will have assessed the weather and tide conditions and consulted charts for tides and obstacles. A decent sailor will have checked the preparedness of his vessel making sure all is well and in working order. Fuel, sails, flares, anchor, life preservers etc.   No sailor will ever set to sea without taking on board a compass, charts and everything necessary for a successful voyage.

Mentally a sailor must prepare for the journey too, making a good plan and having contingencies in place. Whilst sailing the sailor and crew constantly trim the sails and rudder to stay on course. One cannot expect to set the sails and hope that the boat will somehow end up at its destination. Indeed the chances of that happening are very low to zero in fact.  Sometimes an unexpected squall appears from nowhere or the wind drops completely and one can almost end up going backwards especially if the current is strong, strong tidal currents can knock the boat of course as can sudden wind shifts, other shipping can get in the way which may mean avoidance tactics to keep safe and on course...

And so it is in life too. There are obvious parallels which can be drawn in the journey of life with sailing. Plan well, have a purpose in mind, keep focussed. Keep your dream or purpose in mind and enjoy the journey but be prepared for changes. The essentials are a good chart, a compass and an understanding of the territory and the weather. Sometimes a storm may blow you of course and obstacles may stand in your way but just as a good sailor knows what to do and adjusts for the course accordingly, even if that means making for a safe harbour for a while to take a rest and take on necessary provisions and wait out the storm so too do we need to develop these qualities of courage, strategic planning, focus, commitment, determination and tenacity to succeed with our own life goals. The interesting thing is even people who believe they do not have what it takes to develop these life skills can through leadership coaching learn and develop these skills along with  the confidence to integrate them into daily life.



Using NLP techniques and Hypnotherapy the subconscious mind can quickly integrate and learn these success skills which leads to a more positive confident knowledge base in life skills and a more confident and enriched personality a quality of life.  


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