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Some feedback from my weight loss clients

I have just received some really positive feedback from one of my most recent weight loss clients who has lost eighteen pounds in just several weeks and a response to her comment from another client of mine from last year who has been such a fantastic success story with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy, going from eighteen stone down to twelve stone in the space of just under nine months 

This is what they had to say:-

Debbie Young

I am really pleased with my treatment, combining my diet changes and the hypnotherapy I am amazed how much I have lost in such a short time and I'm still not tempted to finish food or just eat for the sake of eating, this is definitely the hypnotherapy that has made this happen. I knew my food issues and Trevor has dealt with them, thank you

Julie Ley 

It’s amazing how it works, I started last July and I still leave things on my plate. also I had a thing for mints & crisps and can say I haven't ate any since I started, they were a big addiction for me, but can say no to them , which for me is fantastic.

Please note that in line with my governing bodies’ code of ethics and client confidentiality, both Clients have given me permission to post their comments.

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