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 I am a Fully Qualified, Fully Insured Full Time Professional Therapist, established in the field of Mental and Physical Health and Wellness Therapy for almost 20 years.

Free Consultation of up to 30 minutes

Life is very busy for everyone, I think we can all agree on that. Over many years of working with my clients, I have found many of my client’s initially contact me through a web search and more often than not they simply do not have time to read websites. To make things simple and easy, in the first instance before coming to see me, I offer you a free no obligation consultation by phone or video link where you can find out all that you need to find out. You can call me on 01726 816947 or 07740 190261.

The free consultation I offer to you is relaxed and cordial, and gives you the opportunity to briefly tell me what it is your looking for help with, and for me to advise you accordingly.  

A free consultation is not a free therapy session but an ideal opportunity for you to discover and consider whether therapy with me is the right pathway forward to improve your life, and see if they feel like a good match for you, and for both of us to see if we gel with one another. Since I am a friendly, relaxed, easy-going personality, many people feel comfortable talking to me.

Most things can be helped with therapy, however, there are some things that can’t and some situations where it is not advisable or possible, and a few simple short questions to you will let me know if I am able to help. You can be assured that confidence and discretion are guaranteed.

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How a free Consultation can help you.
The aim of your free consultation is to enable you the opportunity to find out a little about the therapies I work with. I work with very powerful transformative therapy methods that have been helping my clients for almost 20 years. Many have left glowing testimonials. Some are more recent introductions than others and have been chosen for their unique healing and counselling properties that help my clients to realise change and feel better in themselves.

In my therapy work, I work with the unconscious mind and trance work for the most part, which is one of the most effective ways to bypass our conscious minds' lens of conflicting fears, anxieties, irrational beliefs, doubts, and judgments about ourselves and what we often incorrectly think we can not do. I also work with a measure of counselling which is often combined in session. Working with the unconscious mind or subconscious as it is commonly referred to is the key for change and allows a skilled therapist to cut through emotional blocks and self sabotage patterns. I work with Hypnotherapy, Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®), Warriors Settlers and Nomads® (WSN Counselling and Coaching), and Symbio Dynamics life coaching ®

Once your free 30-minute consultation is complete, some people like to think about things and get back to me, whilst many of my clients like to start their therapy sessions as soon as possible. Once you are comfortable going ahead, the next step is to book your first appointment with me.

Your first paid session will be a 120 minute fact find appointment to assess the best way of working with you to create the changes that you are seeking.
As a goodwill gesture to new clients, I offer an introductory discount. The cost of your initial fact find consultation session will be a one off discounted rate of £115.00 saving you £65.00 on my standard hourly fee.            

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