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Consultations and One to One Fact Finding Sessions

  • I provide a free initial no obligation friendly chat of up to 30 minutes which gives you the opportunity to tell me about what you are looking for help with. Your enquiry can be via phone or video link, through the option of Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Video.

  • Discretion and Confidentiality guaranteed.

  • I have been involved in the field of health and wellness therapy as a therapist since 2004 and am well respected in my profession by my clients and peers alike so you can be assured that your enquiry is being handled by a very knowledable seasoned professional.

  • I am fully compliant with current GDPR Regulations and am also DBS cleared. 

  • Our friendly chat helps you to find out about how I work with you and gives you the opportunity to ask me any questions that you may have about Hypnotherapy, BWRT, Sanomentology and the other therapies I work with, or simply, just to put your mind at rest and reassure you about the safe effectiveness of therapy and to explore just how therapy can help you and also very importantly to find out if we both feel comfortable working with one another.

  • If Hypnotherapy happens to be the therapy of choice that you are considering out of the therapies I work with I will answer any questions you have and allay any unfounded fears, yes....sometimes there are a few totally unfounded fears which Hollywood can take the all the blame for.  Hypnotherapy is a very successful form of therapy and has produced truly wonderful and remarkable results for many people the world over for many decades.

  • Once you feel confident enough that the therapies I work with could work for you too and that you could feel comfortable working with me, your next step is to choose and book a full fact finding first session so that I can fully expand your discussion further and gather further valuable information to tailor your personal treatment sessions. The cost for this is at a discounted rate. Please see session fees below.

  • This first full fact finding session is the most important of all sessions as I will be asking you lots of questions, asked with great sensitivity, whilst listening very carefully to what you tell me in confidence and taking notes with your consent to get to the best understanding of what you want your therapy to do. Therapy is about being completley non judgmental and I am a good sensitive listener and a seasoned professional of over 16 years experience 

  • I will ask you to think about how your current issue or issues affects your quality of life now and encourage you to imagine and tell me about how different your life will be once you achieve what you want. From there I can advise you which of the  therapy approaches I work with will most likely be the most helpful and effective for your well being for you to achieve your goals. As each client is different so each therapy is carefully custom tailored to each clients personal needs. No off the peg one size fits all approach is used simply because there is no other person like you. You are a unique and special individual as each human being is .

  • Time permitting there will be a short exploratory Hypnosis session of around 20 -30 minutes.This helps  me to prepare you for further hypnosis sessions. This very important mini hypnosis session is both thorough and invaluable in setting the stage for our work ahead and ensuring that you are able to be properly inducted into the ideal hypnotic state for effective hypnotherapy to take place. 

  • Clients experience that there are no side effects only blissful deep pure relaxation and they often tell me how much they really enjoy the release and experience of such a deep peaceful and tranquil calm feeling that hypnosis promotes even though it only for a brief time. 

  • Even though your mini hypnosis session is brief and clients often wish it could last longer, at the end of your Fact Finding fiirst session you will receive completely free of charge a copy of my expanded 'Guided Relaxation Hypnosis' CD & MP 3 to use in the interim whilst I work on your personalised Hypnosis session. This is to prepare your mind to enter into the hypnosis trance state easily and quickly where changes that you seek can be facilitated and also to help you to become familiar with my voice patterns of beneficial suggestions whilst I am preparing your custom tailored hypnosis sessions. This CD has a retail value of £35.00 

  • All Therapy sessions must be paid for in full in advance. There is no exception to this rule. This is because of the preparation work required ahead of your booked appointment.

  • Making a booking is simple. Payment by advance direct bank payment preferred, (details upon request) or via credit/debit card on chip and pin.  Alternatively you can pay via pay pal for which there is a small processing fee. Please see payment methods information below.

A full one to one Fact Finding first session lasts approximately 120 minutes and is offered at a 'New Client' special introductory price of just £87.50  saving you £52.50 on hourly session fees and is held either at my Clinic in Par, St Austell or in the privacy and comfort of your own home socially distanced where allowable or online.

  • Your personal one to one full fact find first session with me includes the uniquely designed and created Warrior, Settlers and Nomads personality test created by Terence Watts, one of the UK's most respected trainers of clinical Hypnotherapy of over forty years, plus a visual, auditory, kin-aesthetic personality test. These two personality tests to set the stage for deep and effective therapy to take place. 

  • Using a precisely targeted approach is just one of the reasons why my clients are able to resolve their problems or achieve their personal goals so well through the therapies I work with, because understanding a clients personality is fundamental to understanding how best to help a client get to that place they are often stuggling to be. 

  • My clinets really enjoy the personality tests used and frequently reveal to them things they did not realise about themselves in the way that their minds work and the way they think and act, often without realising the 'why' behind the way they do those things. People often remark that its as if you already new me!   

  • Both personality tests are invaluable tools in showing a client where their strengths and weaknesses lie and also in setting the agenda to help ensure that the client gets the very best results from their therapy programme, often showing clients areas of their personalities which they may then realise they wish to develop. Areas such as creativity, confidence, communication and leadership skills etc.

  • The Warrior’s Settler’s and Nomad’s personality test is a totally unique personality profiling system designed to assess and identify which is the most appropriate hypnosis approach to use which is aligned to your unique personality character traits so that you are able to reach an 'optimum' state of hypnosis easily and effortlessly which is necessary for effective hypnotic suggestion therapy work to take place. It has been a cornerstone of many Essex Instutue trained therapists therapy practice for over twenty years when the book was first published. 

  • Using this system really guarantees the highest chances of getting the client into the best state of hypnosis with the minimum of resistance. Yes, believe it or not some personalities can be very resistant even if they want hypnotherapy! If the wrong approach is used with a client then they will find it almost impossible to enter into hypnosis and it is for this reason that we use this system because as each person is different what works for one person may not work so well for another.

  • The Second Test which I use is a visual, auditory, kin-aesthetic personality test which is a really useful test to show how your mind primarily works within the key senses. For those clients who understand about the key senses, for simplicity we incorporate olfactory and gustatory senses into the kin-aesthetic (feelings) part of the test. Knowing how a clients mind primarily works helps pinpoint to the type of elements which would be brought into play into the ensuing hypnosis sessions. for e.g. a person who is essentially visual will respond much better to suggestion work where imagery is presented rather than sounds and so on.
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