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 I am a Fully Qualified and Fully Insured, Professional Therapist.
I am a registrant of the Complimentery and Natural Healthcare Council and named on a professional standards authority accredited register.
 I hold over 55 , Five star ratings, both nationally and internationally, for value, quality and service.
Established in the field of Mental and Physical Health and Wellness Therapy for almost 20 years.

A personalised consultation of up to 30 minutes.

Hello and welcome.
I am very glad  that you have arrived here on my consultation page, because in all likelihood you may be considering that next possible, positive step to change an element of your life that you have been struggling with, and been unable so far, to find a solution that works for you. Dont worry, your journey of curiosity and enquiry is just like many of my other clients who took the plunge and discovered through working with me, a whole new way of feeling and doing those things that they believed for so long, that they couldn't, and then they could and did!  So thank you for considering a consultation for a programme of hypnotherapy, BWRT or Sanomentology sessions. The therapies I work with are very powerful and transformative and clients very often say how amazed they feel! 

Initially I offer a free ten-minute phone enquiry to prospective clients, to ask a few questions and then decide if they would like to book a personal one to one private consultation with me.

Your free ten minute chat gives you the opportunity to tell me a little about what you want help with and also allows me to ask you specific health related questions to assess if i may be able to help you, as there a few circumstances where certain health conditions may pose a medical contra - indication to safely engaging with the therapies that I work with. For example, Epilepsy, Serious heart condition and Psychosis. The safety of my clients is paramount. 

The first preference for contact is by phone. For email or social media message enquiries, if a phone number is provided you will receive a call, otherwise, I will reply by email or messenger service, offering you an opportunity to book a consultation at your convenience. From our ten minute chat, you may wish to go on to book a thirty minute consultation. 

I offer a  personally tailored, quality highly skilled, and professional service that gets positive life enhancing results for my clients. With almost two decades of experience, I have helped many clients resolve their issues, and achieve their goals, all of which has resulted in over 55, five-star reviews, for value and service.

*All of my consultations are initially chargeable, but fully refundable* to you, subject to you booking further appointments.
*A thirty minute consultation is £47.50.  Thirty Minute Consultations may be by phone or video link, via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Teams or Facebook Video Messenger.

*When you book with me, the full cost of your consultation will be deducted from your session fees so that you benefit from a completely free consultation. My gift to you. 

*A full refund of your consultation fee will be given off of your second session fee following your first full fact finding appointment.

*Please note, all sessions including consultations are strictly payment in advance. I take payment by bank transfer. All major cards, cash and PayPal

 What happens in a Consultation and why should I need one?

A Consultation is a starting point and a very important first step.

A Consultation allows you to find out, about the therapies that I work with, and how I am able to help you with the presenting issue that you want help with.
Beyond your consultation, there is no obligation on your part, to commit to anything. If at the end of your consultation you decide that perhaps therapy isn't for you, or it is apparent that I am unable to help you, I may be able to give you some practical advice or refer you on. If after a period of reflection you do happen to change your mind and subsequently request to book  sessions with me, then I will hold good on the offer of a refund of your initial consultation fee as outlined above. 

From that first step you and I can both find out important information that determines how we might go forward together with me as your Therapist. We will both have questions which need to be asked and answered. In some circumstances it may necessary to communicate with certain clients GP's where there are health conditions or potential health conditions to take into account. I will discuss this with you if necessary and seek your permission.
Your booked consultation of 30 minutes is relaxed and cordial.

Your consultation gives you the opportunity to tell me more in some brief detail of what you would like help with, including your history, and for me to advise you accordingly as to how I may help with the therapies I work with.

*Please understand that it is not a therapy session but an ideal opportunity for you to discover and consider whether therapy with me is the right pathway forward to improve your life and see if they feel like a good match for you, and for both of us to see if we gel with one another.
Since I am of a friendly, relaxed, easy-going personality, many people feel comfortable talking to me. My approach to therapy is both relaxed and very thorough, because whatever it is you want help with, please be assured that I want only the best for you, and I will leave no stone unturned to help you achieve your goals, even if they seem unachievable to you at the time.

Although most things can be helped with therapy, there are some things that can’t and some situations where it is not advisable or possible, and a few simple short questions to you will let me know if I am able to help. Typically any contra indications to Therapy will have been established right at the outset at the free ten minute  phone or email enquiry. 

*One additional thing that is very important for you to know if you are thinking about booking your consultation, is that you can be assured that confidence and discretion are guaranteed.

confidential 1726367 340

How a Consultation can help you decide to take the next step.

The main aim of your consultation over and above the exchange of your information is to enable you the opportunity to find out a little about the therapies I work with.
I work with very powerful transformative therapy methods that have been helping my clients for almost 20 years. Many have left glowing testimonials.
Some of the therapies I work such as BWRT and Sanotherapy with are more recent introductions than others and have been chosen for their unique healing and counselling properties that help my clients to realise change and feel better in themselves.

In my therapy work, I work with the unconscious mind and trance work for the most part, which is one of the most effective ways to bypass your conscious minds' lens of conflicting fears, anxieties, irrational beliefs, doubts, and judgments about ourselves and what we often incorrectly think we cannot do. I also work with a measure of counselling which is often combined in session. Working with the unconscious mind or subconscious as it is commonly referred to is the key for change and allows a skilled therapist to cut through emotional blocks and self sabotage patterns. I work with Hypnotherapy, Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)Warriors Settlers and Nomads® (WSN Counselling and Coaching), and Symbio Dynamics life coaching ®

Once your 30-minute online consultation is complete, some people like to think about things and get back to me, whilst many of my clients like to start their therapy sessions as soon as possible. Once you are comfortable going ahead, the next step is to book your first appointment with me.

*Beyond your consultation session, your very first session will be a 120 minute fact find appointment to assess the best way of working with you to create the changes that you are seeking. As a goodwill gesture to new clients, I include a one off, generous introductory discount off of the cost of your initial  first fact find session.

*Should you decide to go ahead and book with me, the discounted cost of you first fact find session can be accessed for just £142.50 saving you 25% off of my standard fees rate.    

 To book your Consultation space, you can call me on 07740 1902621 or 01726 816947.

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