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Everything you need to know about booking an appointment is on this page, Trevor's professional charges, what happens at your consultation and therapy sessions, how long a session lasts and the frequency of your sessions. If you would like to ask any questions or would like to book an appointment, you can call or email using the contact form below. Terms and conditions of treatment are available upon request. 


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Dear client, thank you for your enquiry to find out how my therapy services could help you. By providing your email address you are agreeing to allow me to make direct contact with you to answer your enquiry. I would like to assure you at the outset that everything you wish to discuss will be treated in the strictest confidence in accordance with my professional governing bodies regulations. 

As of the 25th May 2018 a new enhanced Data protection act comes into force which requires all businesses who process  any individual clients personal data to comply with the new act. This new act requires businesses, organisations , charities etc to provide a clear policy as to how your personal data is processed and stored and what your legal rights are as a consumer. Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions as an ethical practitioner fully complies with the act and takes the right to his clients confidentiality very seriously.

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From the receipt of your e-mail, your enquiry will be answered either by email or by phone whichever is your personal preference. However from personal experience helping many clients, to be able to help you the most , I find it really is better to talk rather than send a lengthy email as during conversation questions may arise which you would like the answer to there and then and perhaps the answer may raise further thoughts or questions. 

If you would prefer a phone call, in addition to your enquiry please also provide a contact number where you can be easily reached and some suitable times where we can talk informally for a maximum of up to 30 minutes about the issue you wish to enquire about. At this stage of your enquiry there is absolutely no obligation on your part to commit, however should you wish to go ahead and make a booking I will be very happy to help you further.  

I will endeavour to answer your enquiry on the same day that it is received, however in busy times I will respond within 48 hours. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.


I cover the whole of Cornwall and Devon and  my therapy services are also available by  Skype  worldwide

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For clients living in Devon, please feel free to call to discuss your requirements.I am happy to travel anywhere in Devon. For clients who live outside of these areas, please feel free to contact me about my Skype therapy sessions and personalised mail order hypnosis Cd's .


Consultations, Session Charges, CD service and Payment Methods.


 Consultations and one to one fact finding session.

  • I provide a complimentary initial no obligation phone consultation of up to thirty minutes which gives you the opportunity to discuss with me the particular problem which you have that you are looking to resolve, or whatever personal performance related goal it is that you are looking to achieve. This complimentary phone consultation helps you to find out about how I work and gives you the opportunity to ask questions you may have about hypnosis and explore just how hypnotherapy can help you and also very importantly to find out if we both feel comfortable working with one another.
  • Once you feel confident enough that hypnotherapy can work for you the next step is to choose and book a full fact finding consultation with me so that I can expand our discussion further and gather valuable information to tailor your personal treatment sessions.
  • A full one to one Fact Finding Consultation lasts approximately 120 minutes and  is offered at a special introductory price of just £65.00 , plus room hire where applicable*, saving you £45.00 on my hourly session fees and is held either at one of my therapy rooms across Cornwall or in the *privacy and comfort of your own home. Alternatively via Skype.  
  • From the fact finding consultation  you may like to book further therapy sessions. Session rates are £55.00 per hour. Please scroll down for further information about  sessions. 
  • Making a booking is simple, by advance direct bank payment, (details upon request) or you can alternatively pay via pay pal.  
  •  All Consultation sessions must be paid for in full in advance. This is because of the preparation work required ahead of your booked appointment.
  • * Please note, introductory offer session price does not include home visit call out mileage charge over a five mile radius of St Austell. For call out charge please see section below on call out charges and room hire information.  
  • The specially discounted consultation rate applies only to hypnotherapy consultations and does not apply to BWRT therapy sessions. 
  • Your personal one to one consultation with Trevor includes the uniquely designed and created Warrior,Settlers and Nomads personality test designed by Terence Watts, owner and principal of the Essex institute of clinical Hypnotherapy, plus a visual, auditory, kin-aesthetic personality test.
  • Both personality tests frequently reveal to clients things they did not realise about themselves in the way that their minds work and the way they think and act, often without realising the 'why' behind the way they do those things.
  • Both personality tests are invaluable tools in showing a client where their strengths and weaknesses lie and also in setting the agenda to help ensure that the client gets the very best results from their therapy programme, often showing clients areas of their personalities which they may then realise they wish to develop. Areas such as creativity, confidence, communication and leadership skills etc.
  • The Warrior’s Settler’s and Nomad’s personality test is a totally unique personality profiling system designed to assess and identify which is the most appropriate hypnosis approach to use which is aligned to your unique personality character traits so that you are able to reach an 'optimum' state of hypnosis easily and effortlessly which is necessary for effective hypnotic suggestion therapy work to take place.
    The Warrior’s, Settler’s and Nomad’s personality test has been a very successful cornerstone of the therapy assessment model for over ten years for the Essex institute and is not only used by the institute but taught and used worldwide by many leading hypnotherapists to identify 'Who you really are'.
  • Using this system really guarantees the highest chances of getting the client into the best state of hypnosis with the minimum of resistance. Yes, believe it or not some personalities can be very resistant even if they want hypnotherapy! If the wrong approach is used with a client then they will find it almost impossible to enter into hypnosis and it is for this reason that we use this system because as each person is different what works for one person may not work so well for another.
  • The visual, auditory, kin-aesthetic personality test is a really useful test to show me how your mind primarily works within the key senses. For those clients who understand about the key senses, for simplicity we incorporate olfactory and gustatory senses into the kin-aesthetic (feelings) part of the test. Knowing how a clients mind primarily works helps pinpoint to the type of elements which would be brought into play into the ensuing hypnosis sessions. for e.g. a person who is essentially visual will respond much better to suggestion work where imagery is presented rather than sounds and so on.
  • The fact finding consultation session is completed if time permits with a relaxation hypnosis session of up to 50 minutes to prepare you for further hypnosis sessions. This very important preparation session is both thorough and invaluable in setting the stage for our work ahead and ensuring that you are able to be properly inducted into the ideal hypnotic state for effective therapy to take place.
  • At the end of the consultation session you will receive completely free of charge a copy of my expanded 'Guided Relaxation Hypnosis' CD & MP3 to use in the interim whilst I work on your personalised session. This is to prepare you so that you may enter into hypnosis easier and help prepare you for further hypnosis sessions.
  • This CD has a retail value of £35.00

  • *NB. If you require your initial consultation at home I am happy to accommodate this subject to call out rates where applicable.See call out charges for hypnotherapy below. 

Session charges. How much does it cost? How many sessions and where can I get treatment?

  • One of the key questions people want the answer to is how much will it all cost? Here at Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions we think that the changes and improvements to your quality of life that hypnotherapy brings is priceless, after all, what will it cost you emotionally not to try hypnotherapy and stay stuck with your problem or not achieve that cherished goal? How good will it feel to take action and succeed?
  • Many people think that hypnotherapy must be hugely expensive.The simple truth is that hypnotherapy with all of the benefits it can bring to improving your life really does offer excellent life changing value for often just as few as only three or four sessions, all of which can help you completely turn your life around.
  • The only question you have to ask yourself is how badly do you want change in your life and how seriously are you committed to making that change.Realistically a course of hypnotherapy treatment will cost you less than you think and is about committing to a better sustainable future in helping yourself to live life to the full,to live the life you want to live and be the best that you can be

Session Fees

  • Session fees are very simple and straightforward and up until Autumn 2018 I am holding my 2014 prices once again.
  • The hourly rate for session fees are being held again at £55.00 per hour plus travelling fees where applicable, over a five mile radius of St Austell.*(Please see asterisked notes below on information about travelling fees .) 
  • All therapy sessions are two way and interactive. An average therapy session may typically last around 90 minutes and includes pre session discussion where appropriate, progress assessments and planning strategy at each appointment.
    Occasionally a client may wish to take some additional time to talk about what it is we are working with and this can be accommodated where possible. To ensure good therapeutic practice I set a maximum session time of 2 hours 15 minutes per appointment and as long as there are no appointments booked in after your appointment I can react to accommodate your needs. Any additional time that may be required to complete your appointment over and above your therapy session is simply charged incrementally at fifteen minute intervals and is charged at just £13.75 per fifteen minute blocks to keep things fair and reasonable for my clients.
  • Please be aware that if you wish to book any further appointments to commence your therapy sessions after your consultation session with me, my terms and conditions are for my clients to pay the next one hour's session fee of £55.00 in advance as a cash or bank transfer deposit on the day of the consultation or via bank transfer into my business account, or Pay Pal a few days after your consultation. This is because of room hire arrangements and the necessary pre-session preparation work that I will be doing upon your behalf prior to your next session, as once you confirm your wish to go ahead, you then become an exclusive preferred client where I will be writing up your case notes and working on any personalised hypnosis session and recording it ahead of your next appointment.  N.B. Please note that all further bookings will only be made upon payment of a deposit.
  • Any additional costs over and above your deposit may be paid to settle the balance on the day. Please kindly note that all deposits are non refundable and cover my preparation work for you.There are no exceptions to this. Should you decide to cancel for any reason, I retain your deposit to cover costs.
  • The service which I provide to my clients offers excellent value for money for the unique custom tailored high quality level of service I provide. I think if you could ask my clients what they feel about the value of my services, they would tell you that it was worth every penny and more. In fact some have put down in writing that they would have been prepared to pay double the price for the lasting benefits they achieved.

  • Recently one of my clients I treated for a phobia said that he would have been happy to have paid double the fee for the improvement to quality of life and benefit that his hypnotherapy treatments brought him and another client said that they wish that they had tried hypnotherapy years ago because of the improvements it has brought about in their quality of life.
  • *Your hypnotherapy sessions can either be at my comfortable therapy rooms across Cornwall or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • *Please note asterisked:-Excludes call out charge outside of five mile radius of St Austell. For call out charge please see section below on call out charges  

How many sessions will I need and how often?

  • Everyone’s personal therapy requirements are all very different. Sessions are normally spaced between three to four weeks apart as everything where applicable is recorded for you to listen between sessions. Some clients prefer to have weekly sessions and that is fine too. Occasionally it may take a client significantly longer than others for them to achieve the results that they want and to start noticing improvements.For others that change can come about very quickly indeed, sometimes within a few sessions.The most important thing here as with any course of treatment is for you the client to be realistic in your expectations and to give the therapy time to start working.
  • When we go to see a doctor the usual advice for medication is exactly the same.'Time'.Some treatment programmes such as gastric band hypnotherapy,quit smoking and long term emotional problems are more specialised than others and require substantially more work to help the client achieve what they want to achieve.Because of all of the above it is simply just not ethical and practical to quote for a general fixed fee course of hypnotherapy treatment rather like a restaurant menu and make rash promises that you will have your issue resolved in just one session.Your presenting issue may well be resolved in one session and some people do find that this can be so for them and that is very good when that happens. However It is a good idea to regard therapy as a journey of exploration on the road to resolving personal issues or achieving those success goals.
  • Typically the average hypnotherapy treatment programme runs at approximately five or six sessions including the first consultation. Some clients may only need a consultation and just one session others require more. It all depends upon the depth and severity of the presenting issue. There is no tie in to committing to a specific number of therapy sessions and you guide the therapy not me, however it is a good idea to follow through with the professional advice I have given. I guide the therapeutic process and as your therapist I act as a facilitator and guide you to work with your own best inner resources using the hypnotic process, but ultimately the treatment is over when you decide you are feeling better and you can see the improved results for yourself and that you are satisfied with the result.What matters is I am always available for as long as you think you need to see me or in a rare case where we mutually agree that we have gone as far as we can. Even beyond your treatment programme if you think you need further help with either the same issue because something unexpected has come up in your life or even if there is something different you want help with I am always available to talk to and to work with looking after your therapy needs.
  • During your therapy programme I will be discussing your progress with you at regular intervals to ensure everything is on track and making assessments based upon your feedback and we will be keeping in contact on a regular basis with your agreement.I mainly keep in touch with my clients either by phone,SMS,Skype or email.
  •  At each hypnotherapy session you will receive a complimentary real time digital recording of your very own unique personalised 'live' hypnotherapy session recorded in MP3 format to help with re-enforcement of hypnotic suggestion meaning faster results and fewer sessions saving you money in the long term.
  • As an add on service clients may also choose to have a high quality custom tailored studio recording with either a waking or a sleeping ending and with or without backing music. Please see the section on my CD service below.
  • If you have any questions the best thing is for you to call me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 for your free no obligation thirty minute phone consultation and we can then discuss your needs informally,in greater detail and I can then give you an idea of how many hypnosis sessions you may need and what it is all likely to cost. 

A little information about how the way I work with my clients

  • Not all therapists work the way I do. Some use off the peg scripts from script books or websites whilst others may offer a more spontaneous form of on the spot therapy and while this may work well in some situations it is never going to be as effective as a hypnosis session that has been considered and prepared in advance of the therapy session from the information gathered from the consultation session and of course successive sessions as progress is made.Whilst training my tutors taught me the valuable lesson that the most successful hypnotherapy treatments are those that are uniquely crafted and prepared around each clients personal situation.I am certain that my clients want and expect the best and most effective standard of hypnotherapy possible and my custom tailored service is built around the fact that each hypnotherapy treatment is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and my hourly therapy charge reflects all the pre –preparation work of composing your personal treatment script.
  • I am very aware that both quality of service and value for money is very important to my clients.
  • I provide you, the customer with a real value for money service.
  • I do not charge separately for all the hours of preparation work that go on behind the scenes in writing your personalised hypnosis scripts that I will be using with you prior to your therapy appointment, other than the consultation and the agreed session fees and so I hope you will see that my hourly rates are indeed very reasonable when considering the life changing gains that hypnosis can make to your state of mind and well being. In addition any interim phone calls or Skype calls to assess your progress is all inclusive in my hourly rate.

Call out charges for home based Therapy 

  • For call out home based therapy anywhere in Cornwall I charge a flat rate of £20.00 each way per visit over the five mile radius of St Austell.
  • Some of my clients asks me to visit them at home and as I spend a good deal of time on the open road and down country lanes this will have some bearing in cost.You may live right up in the top of the county or the bottom or at the other end of Cornwall. I'm roughly in the middle so that’s not a bad place to be.I am also happy to travel into Devon. 

Terms and conditions of treatment

  • Dear prospective client, from the outset Trevor wants his clients to feel both comfortable and confident that they are in safe professional ethical hands. 
  • For that reason a clear set of terms and conditions have been drafted so that every client has a comfort level and clear frame of reference of the professional relationship between yourself and Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions that leaves you with an understanding of what your rights and protections as a client are and what you may reasonably expect of Trevor as your therapist throughout your professional relationship. 
  • The document explains what happens at each appointment along with Trevor's professional and legal obligations to you as a client as well as what is expected of his clients during the therapeutic process.
  • For the therapy process to commence the document will need to be read and signed by yourself and myself.
  • In the case of working with  a minor the authorised legal guardian must sign.
  • Trevor is a registered data controller and is registered with the ICO and acts in accordance with the data protection act.
  • Your confidentiality is assured within the scope of Trevor's terms and conditions and the data protection act.
  • A copy of Trevor's terms and conditions which outlines his professional relationship with you is available upon request.

Custom tailored CD service

  • I write unique personalised tailored hypnotherapy scripts for each of my clients based upon the initial findings at the consultation and at successive therapy sessions.This ensures a precise and targeted therapy approach based upon each clients specific presenting issue and individual needs and this approach is overall far more effective than the ‘one size fits all’ off the peg hypnosis CD scripts that are freely available and which often do not deliver the results the client is looking for. Furthermore as progress is made it is relatively easy to change and adapt the custom tailored script to reflect the client’s progress and new situation.
  • As well as the complimentary "live" session recording I give to my clients,an individual personalised high quality studio CD recording of your hypnotherapy session is available as an optional add on to enhance your therapy session and is highly recommended for the most efficient and effective way to assist in the reinforcement of your hypnosis treatment sessions to become a lasting and permanent change in a relatively short time period and is available with either a waking ending or alternatively a sleep ending enabling you to listen in bed just before going off to sleep.Since all hypnosis is conducted in the trance state which is the in between state of waking and sleeping, listening in a the deeply relaxed hypnotic state on the edge of sleep, just before you fall sleep is in fact an ideal way to get the best benefits of the hypnotic process,because even when you fall asleep,your subconscious mind still hears everything.
    Many of my clients actually prefer this method over and above the complimentary session recording with a waking ending that is used at the live session as the convenience of time management at the end of the day of listening and being able to go to sleep without waking up and fully alert means that clients can look forward to a restful nights sleep .
    Additionally many clients find an added benefit of backing music helps them to relax more quickly and easier and go deeper into hypnosis.  
  • As well as the advantage of your hypnosis sessions being recorded onto CD for assisting in the reinforcement of your hypnotherapy treatment for faster and efficient permanent change, your therapy costs are potentially reduced as you may find that you need fewer individual sessions of treatment. A further advantage is that you can listen at your convenience and as often as you deem necessary. 
  • Since the recordings are prepared and made prior to your hypnosis session in a controlled environment, any unnecessary and intrusive background noises such as road traffic noise, pets, children etc are not picked up by the microphone allowing you the client to completely relax and totally focus upon your hypnosis session without distractions and noise and worrying if you may be disturbed.
  • As well as offering you the choice of your hypnosis script being recorded with either a waking or sleeping ending,your recording can be mixed with or without soft backing music.These recordings can also be formatted to MP3 for replay on a mobile or tablet device.
  • For maximum benefit and effectiveness it is recommended that you listen to your hypnosis sessions regularly and in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and with headphones 

Cant get to me or dont have Skype ?

  • Then my custom tailored hypnosis, mail order CD or download MP3 service may be ideal for you. I write and record a personalised hypnosis session for you based upon the information you  supply.This is a very popular service that I have been offering clients since 2011.For CD's its £70.00 each programme plus p&p,posted anywhere in the U.K. 
  • Alternatively my MP3 service means you can simply download your very own personalised hypnotherapy session that is unique to you straight onto your pc, tablet or phone for just £65.00. 
  • Please contact me for further details on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261

Discounts for block session bookings.

  • For clients who are able to pay in full for a prescribed course of treatment sessions in advance, as an incentive to book and pay in full early, an attractive discount is available. Details are available upon enquiry. In certain circumstances discounts may apply upon enquiry for pensioners and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities who are in receipt of certain DWP Benefits.

Payment methods

  • Methods of payment accepted as follows:- By Cash or bankers transfer into my bank account,details upon request. Alternatively by PayPal*
  • *Please note that for payments via PayPal there is a small processing charge of 3.4% +20 p per transaction


  • I look forward to adding you to the growing list of happy satisfied clients whose lives have improved as a result of using my therapy services. Make that call today and call me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 


9 Jubilee Meadow, St Austell, PL25 3EX
01726 69703