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How much does it cost and how long is a session?  
In choosing me as your therapist you will find that my therapy service is professional, expert, affordable, and very accessible. My fees are very straightforward and transparent with no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises. You will be made aware of the suggested session options when booking your appointment so that you can choose what feels right for you and your finances. I believe that to help clients the most that short cuts are not helpful in the long run. I am interested in helping clients create long-term change. 
To give my clients the very best and thorough therapy care, a typical session might run between 60 to 90 minutesShould any additional time be required, which sometimes is necessary over and above your booked session, it will always be at your express preference and is simply charged pro rata with the balance paid at the end of your session.

My fees are not the cheapest, neither, the most expensive but pitched for the standard of quality, service, and results I get for my clients.
My clients are very happy to pay for the results that have helped them to improve their lives.
My service is thorough, friendly, caring, non-judgmental, and professional treating my clients with discretion and confidentiality. 
Sessions start from just £45.00 per 30 minutes, with the first 30 mins being a free initial consultation. 

Your first booked, paid session includes a generous one-off special introductory discount.
All therapy programmes are prefaced with a first, full fact find session, at a special introductory goodwill discounted rate. 
Your first session will be a 120-minute appointment to assess the very best way of working with you to create the changes you are seeking.
This includes personality tests and an initial hypnosis relaxation induction, to prepare you for future session work so that you are familiar with the process.
The cost of your session is 
£115.00 saving you £65.00 on my standard hourly fee. Thereafter standard rates apply. 

Number of sessions and multi-session discounts.
Most therapy sessions require more than a consultation and a single session, and therapy starts from the very first session. 
Typically a programme of Therapy for simple fears and phobias may be between 2 - 3 sessions. Other presenting issues such as weight management and quitting smoking may take between a consultation and five to seven sessions. More complex in-depth therapy treatments may take more than 10 sessions. At your consultation, I will be able to let you know how many sessions I approximate you may need. 
Where I identify a need for multiple session work over and above three sessions, as an incentive I offer a generous discount with a full payment up-front discount package.

Discounts for people on low incomes and pensioners. 
Discounts are available under certain circumstances for certain groups of people.
For pensioners, I also offer a discount and this is across the board and not means-tested. Please call to enquire. 

Proven results.
Many clients are often really very surprised at the good value return on their investment in themselves for their outlay, considering the life-changing benefits therapy brings them. Peace of mind is priceless and I can help you as I have helped many other people who have come to see me over the last eleven years.
My therapy practice is a long-standing established business in St Austell since May 2011, delivering high quality, personally tailored service, and getting great results for my clients. My services are available either face to face, at my comfortable relaxed therapy space in Par, or via video link, wherever you are in the world.

Popular Therapy Programme Packages.

  • BWRT® sessions.
    There are three levels of BWRT and when a client consults with a BWRT practitioner we use a tried and tested evaluation tool that can help to pinpoint exactly what level is most likely needed to help the client with. BWRT is fast, efficient, and very effective. Session frequency with BWRT can be held weekly if desired as it works very differently from hypnotherapy.
  • I am a level 1 and 2 advanced BWRT® practitioner.
  • Levels one deals with many issues which clients might present with such as anxiety, fears & phobias, confidence, etc. Most presenting issues turn out to be level one needs and to many clients' delight, often, a single intake session and two or three sessions of BWRT is all that is needed to help resolve the presenting issue.
  • The two other levels, level two and level three deal with more complex psychological issues and physiological pain issues such as CRPS, CFS Fibromyalgia.
  • Level two deals with the psychology of identity and behaviour and is a very powerful therapy process that can yield long-term results.
    Because of the powerful way that level two works to help people presenting with complex issues it is recognised that the way we work needs to be completely different than with level one.
  • A starting point for level two work is an intake session of up to two hours where I explore your presenting issue, its history, and your needs fully. Further sessions are four 90- minute sessions.
  • Most situations are indeed resolved with level two work, but clients should be aware that there are some situations where additional session work may be needed, and this will be discussed with you. Often when clients have gone through difficult life experiences there are inevitably layers that may need to be worked on that cannot be covered in the initial structure of level two work.
  • Level one BWRT session fees. A first intake session of up to 120 minutes at a special introductory discounted fee of £115.00 saving you £65.00. After your first session, the following fees apply.
  • The first one or two sessions are typically 90 mins at £135.00 per session,
  • Thereafter each BWRT session is typically 60 mins at £90.00.
  • Level two BWRT session package. A first intake session of up to 120 mins with the introductory discount applied and a further four separate sessions of 90 minutes.
  • Package fee price including 1st session discount £635.
  • Payment terms. Payment in full in advance of sessions.

  • Rapid Pain Elimination.
  • I am a fully qualified and licensed Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist.
  • RPET as it has come to be known has in a relatively short period become very well known in the world of Therapy and is a unique way to control and manage pain in a large majority of circumstances.
  • RPET is a system, which from my personal experience as a person dealing with chronic pain myself daily, is known to be fast-acting.
  • Single Session of Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy can help in many cases, either completely remove, or at the very least turndown pain to an acceptable and manageable level.
  • Many clients report feeling hugely different.
  • Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy uses a ground-breaking method of pain relief developed in 2017 by Martin Rothery, of the Global Institute of Therapy & Sanomentology which involves removing the old messages of pain through Mind Mediation.
  • Since many chronic pain issues have at the root cause a very significant emotional component, Rapid Pain Elimination mediates with the unconscious mind to help eliminate, (perhaps in some cases, old, long term,) beliefs about a client’s pain held by themselves and emotional trauma experiences about the messages of specific pain.
  • RPET deals with both the physical and emotional components, and it really does work for many people.
  • In the spring of 2019, there was an 11-week pilot within the NHS in Derbyshire with a reported success rate of over 73% and another 20% reporting reducing pain and an ongoing evaluation of mid to long-term impact.
  • The session fee is £185.00. Includes session CD/MP 3 and up to two repeat sessions at no charge in the uncommon event of it being necessary.
  • For more information, please call me on 07740 190261 or 01726 816947. I am a licensed Rapid Pain Elimination Practitioner under the Umbrella of Future House Therapies.

  • Slim Via Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Programme.
    One initial full fact-finding two-hour session and four 90-minute Hypnotherapy sessions, spaced at three-to-four-week intervals. Recommended for the person with moderate to higher levels of weight management needs and who are not classified as in the clinically obese weight range.
  • Face to face appointments only, no online services available for weight management due to the personalised nature of weight management and the need to evidence results at each session. Includes all Cd's/MP3s and full support materials.
  • Full payment in advance.
  • Programme package fee based upon the above £635.00
  • NB. Please note that as a result of the findings in your first initial full fact find session, any additional sessions which may be identified and recommended to you as being beneficial to your overall success, outside of the overall five-session brief of the Slim Via Hypnosis programme, these should be considered as additional optional extra paid sessions and will be discussed with you at your first booked session.
    Typical additional session work for a client may be, for example, issues such as self-sabotage, poor self-worth, low self-confidence, letting go of past experiences or trauma, and emotional release.

  • Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme.
  • Recommended for the person with a clinical diagnosis of obesity, and with a BMI of over 30 who has a firm professional medical recommendation to lose weight and who does not want to, or is not suitable, to undergo Gastric Band Surgery.
  • Session fees: Between £1265.00 - £1445.00, dependent upon the number of sessions required overall.
  • Face to face appointments only, no online services are available for weight management due to the highly personalised nature of the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme and the need to evidence results at each session.
  • This is a very specialised area of Therapy treatment fully supported which will run over numerous therapy sessions of between 15 -17 hours of therapy spread over time at three-to-four-week cycles between appointments which looks at the client’s issue from all angles, physical and psychological. Typical appointment times are two hours. Includes all CDs/MP3s and also follow-up support contact for up to one year.
  • An initial non-cancellable deposit of £350.00 is required upon booking, thereafter the balance may be paid session by session until completion of the programme. For more detailed information please call.
  • N.B. please note that in certain circumstances call-out fees or additional room hire charges may be applicable if my clinic space may not be able to accommodate a client’s specific accessibility needs.

  • Quit Smoking single session package.
  • Approx. 3.5 - 4.5 hours one day workshop and recommended for the light to the moderate smoker, who perhaps has a short history of smoking and who although does not like the fact they are a smoker feels that they are reasonably confident that with the right help that they could stop smoking for good. During the workshop, I will explore and challenge your beliefs and discuss with you where your health will be headed if you remain a smoker.
  • We also will look at some unique self-questioning models to really get you thinking about yourself as a smoker and as a non-smoker. This is a very active part of the therapy itself   
  • Includes Cd's/MP3 and all support materials.
  • One Extended Fact-Finding Session with workshop and a single 90-minute, ‘Easy Quit Smoking’ Hypnotherapy Session. £330.00
  • Terms: Full payment in advance.

  • Quit Smoking multi-session package.
  • Recommended for the heavy, hardened long-term smoker. Most long-term smokers come to hate the fact they smoke, and I know because I have been there and was a 60-a-day smoker for a long time and I struggled to quit, trying, and failing numerous times over many years.  A smoker's personal belief system can be a big problem for the long-term smoker, and I went through that also.
  • I quit in1999 and have never smoked again and neither had any desire to.
  • During your Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Programme, I will explore and challenge your beliefs and discuss with you where your health will be headed if you remain a smoker.
  • We also will look at some unique self-questioning models to really get you thinking about yourself as a smoker and as a non-smoker. This is a very active part of the therapy itself 
  • Many long-term smokers hate the yellow teeth and fingers and the smell.
  • It has many consequences in a society that by and large is a non-smoking society and in therapy we explore all of this and more because the aim is to really help you turn your beliefs and motivations around both at a conscious level with counselling and the subconscious level through Hypnotherapy.
  • Since 2011 I have helped numerous seriously habit-ridden, long-term smokers, struggling to quit the habit for good. Yes, it is expensive but when you count up all the money you will be saving moving forward and how much you have spent sometimes over decades you can reasonably conclude that its value for money on your health and wellness and your finances are actually money well spent.
  • Includes all Cd's/MP3s and support materials.
  • One Full Fact-Finding Session and up six 90-minute Hypnotherapy sessions each recorded for your personal use to aid therapeutic reinforcement.
  • A free six-month and twelve-month follow-up by video link, phone, or face-to-face of up to 30 mins.
  • Session fees: Between £770.00 - £905.00, dependent upon the number of sessions required overall.
  • Terms: Full payment of £770.00 in advance to cover the full fact-finding session and five sessions. Should a sixth session be required, payment is to be made before the start of your session.

  • Alcohol Addiction. Gambling Addiction. Other Addictions.
  • This is a multi-session programme consisting of One Full Fact-Finding session of up to 120 minutes and an initial six 90-minute sessions of therapy.
  • Please be aware that depending upon the nature and severity of your issue, e.g., the length of time that you have been addicted, and how you respond to treatment, there may be a need for additional sessions. This will be discussed at the first full fact-finding booked session.
  • Please also be aware that where Alcohol and Drugs, (whether prescription or narcotics) are involved I will need to contact your GP for express permission before working with you.
  • I will also recommend as part of your therapy support programme that you engage with local support groups such as the Priory Clinic, Alcoholics Anonymous, Gambler’s support groups, Addaction. This will be a non-negotiable part of your therapy treatment should you choose to work with me.
  • Face to face appointments only, no online services available for alcohol and substance addiction due to the personalised nature of the addictions and the need to evidence progress at each session. 
  • Includes all Cd's/MP3s. 
  • Strictly Full payment in advance.
  • One Full Fact-Finding Session and six Hypnotherapy sessions.
  • Session fees based upon the above: £905.00

  • Please note that I am also a relationship specialist and help couples find a path to reconciliation. I also help people to recover from relationship breakdowns and relationship endings.
  • My qualification in relationship repair and counselling was gained through the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy whose principal is Terence Watts. The Essex institute is one of the most respected hypnotherapy training institutes across the globe with therapists in many countries.
  • Appointments can be face to face or online.
  • Fully supported with CDs /Mp3 recordings to help where appropriate.   
  • I am also a fully qualified grief counsellor through both The Essex Institue and the Kent Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Confidential, discrete, compassionate and non-judgemental.
  • Face to face or online appointments.
  • Fully supported with CDs /Mp3 recordings to help where appropriate.        

Methods of Payment accepted 

  • Methods of payment accepted as follows:-
  • All major cards and credit cards accepted by sum up transaction terminal in the clinic or at clients' home/office.
  • Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Details upon request. Cash, No Cheques, please. 
  • Alternatively you may pay by PayPal* which also accepts Visa and Mastercard payment methods.
  • *Please note that for payments via PayPal there is a small processing charge of 3.4% +20 p per transaction. Please ask before sending payment.


Terms and conditions of Treatment  

  • Dear prospective client, from the outset it is my sincere wish for my clients to feel both comfortable and confident that they are in safe professional ethical hands.For that reason a clear set of terms and conditions have been drafted so that every client has a comfort level and clear frame of reference of the professional relationship between yourself and myself, Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions, which leaves you with an understanding of what your rights and protections as a client are and what you may reasonably expect of me as your therapist throughout our professional relationship. 
    A copy of my terms and conditions which outlines my professional relationship with you is available upon request.

  • The document explains what happens at each appointment along with my professional and legal obligations to you as a client as well as what is expected of my clients during the therapeutic process. For the therapy process to commence the document will need to be read and signed by yourself and me.

  • In the case of working with a minor the authorised legal guardian must sign and must be present at all times.

  • I am a registered data controller and registered with the ICO and act fully in accordance with the data protection act.

  • Your confidentiality is assured within the scope of my terms and conditions and the data protection act.

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