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How much does it cost and how long is a session?
The information on this page lets you know about the length of sessions and gives an over view of a typical number of sessions for the majority of cases.

Session fees are separate from your booked consultation which is thirty minutes for £47.50. When you book a series of sessions your initial consultation fee of £47.50 is refunded to you in full, by deduction of the same amount of £47.50, from your second session charge following your first full fact find appointment. 

My hourly session fees are £95.00.  

Where and how do I access your Therapy services?
Accessing my services could not be easier. I offer online therapy appointments both nationally and internationally.
Appointments are via video link, both nationally and Internationally accommodating different time zones. Platforms available are Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, Teams and Facebook Messenger video. Appointments in the comfort and privacy of your own personal space. What could be more easier. No travel fees or parking expenses or difficulties.

I offer Online booked appointments on Fridays and Saturdays between the hours of 10:00 am and 5:00 pm for the last appointment ending at 6:00 pm.

Initial ten minute phone enquiries and booked Consultations are available from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm.     

Your first booked paid  full fact find session includes a generous one off special introductory discount.

All therapy programmes are prefaced with a first, full fact find session, at a special introductory goodwill discounted rate.

Your full fact find session explores in detail what you want help with, the history of your problem and how it impacts your daily life and the challenges and difficulties it presents for you.
We discuss what you have tried so far to help yourself, and various other aspects such as your beliefs that might keep you presently stuck, the what and why of why you think you have not been able to create your own shifts and changes. We also look for repeating patterns of evidence of possible self sabotage which many people simply dont realise they do. 

*This appointment will be a two hour appointment which includes personality tests and an initial hypnosis relaxation induction, to prepare you for future session work so that you are familiar with the process.

* The fact find session is the absolute best way of collaborating with you to create your personal Therapy plan to pave the way for the changes you are seeking. The only requirements thereafter being that you are personally committed and show up and do your part. 

* When you book your sessions with me, your consultation fee will be refunded in full and deducted from the cost of your second session following the first full fact find session.

* Your first full fact find session is fixed at two hours duration and is offered at a generous introductory one off discount of 25% reduction at just £142.50  

 * My professional therapy fees are in line with the broad UK national average for appointments. My fees for the various therapies I work with are uniform across the board and include all support materials and session recording on CD or Mp3 where hypnotherapy is used.
* My fees are charged per session, and are payable in advance upon booking. 

* At the start of your therapy programme,  beyond your first discounted  fact find session,  your first two therapy sessions will run for up to two hours thirty minutes, and are a flat fee of £220.00 with a discount of £17.00 built in  per session Inc.

* These first two sessions are key sessions where the work we do together is very in depth and setting the stage for your successful outcome. Your commitment and desire to achieve is paramount.  

*Thereafter session fees are charged at £142.50 for one hour thirty minutes which is a typical appointment duration time and is based upon fifteen minutes settling in time where you & I  may exchange questions and evaluate progress, and then, post therapy session, fifteen minutes debrief time where we perhaps talk about next appointments, homework etc or any observations you have about your session. That leaves an hour in between for solid therapy.

*If you need additional time beyond your one hour thirty minute appointment, this may be available dependant upon appointment availability. The balance must be paid for before leaving your appointment. 

*In the interest of client welfare session times are capped at two and half hours maximum.
*Payment preference is by direct bank transfer, cash and PayPal (N.B. PayPal Fees apply). Like all business I take both credit and debit cards.  

In choosing me as your therapist you will find that my therapy service is completely bespoke, personal and tailored for your specific needs. I am a friendly approachable person, professional, fully qualified, expert, and very accessible with almost two decades of experience. I have a good reputation of helping clients to create the results and shifts that they want. I have over 55 five star reviews from satisfied clients.

My fees are very straightforward and transparent with no hidden costs and no unpleasant surprises. I believe that to help clients the most that short cuts are not helpful in the long run. I am interested in helping clients create long-term change. I create personalised solutions that work for people.     .

Number of sessions.
Some therapy sessions for simple and straight forward presenting issues may require no more than a consultation and one or two single sessions, and your therapy starts from the very first full fact find session.
In the past it has not been uncommon for clients with a straightforward anxiety such as driving test nerves or wedding day nerves or fear of heights, spiders, mice, clowns, thunder etc, to be free of their anxiety, with a full fact find and one or two additional sessions. 

Typically, though, a programme of Therapy for many presenting client issues may be anywhere between a full fact find session and 2 - 3 additional sessions. As some examples, I have helped clients with needle and dental phobias, or a fear of driving or flying, or lack of confidence issues within those time frames.

Other presenting issues such as complex core identity issues, self confidence and self worth issues running over a life time,  long term abuse, trauma, relationship issues, weight management and quitting smoking, for a long-term heavy smoker for example, may take between a first full fact find and anywhere between five to seven sessions.

More complex in-depth therapy treatments such as depression, food disorders, depersonalisation, Success Coaching & goal achievement mentoring, for example, may take more than 10 sessions.

At your consultation, I will be able to let you know how many sessions I  would approximate that you may need, and we will then discuss your options to create a personal therapy plan for you. 

Proven results.
Many clients are often really very surprised at the good value return on their investment in themselves for their outlay, considering the life-changing benefits therapy brings them. Peace of mind is priceless and I can help you as I have helped many other people who have come to see me over the last twelve years at my Practice in St Austell.
My therapy practice is a long-standing established business in St Austell since May 2011, delivering high-quality, personally tailored service, and getting great results for my clients. My services are available either face to face, at my comfortable relaxed therapy space in Par, or via video link, wherever you are in the world. I am also occasionally able to facilitate home visits where required, subject to distances and covering travelling time and costs.

Methods of Payment accepted 

  • Methods of payment accepted as follows:-
  • All major cards and credit cards accepted by sum up transaction terminal in the clinic or at clients' homes/offices.
  • Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Details upon request. Cash, No Cheques, please.
  • Alternatively you may pay by PayPal* which also accepts Visa and Mastercard payment methods.
  • *Please note that for all payments made via PayPal within the UK there is a small processing charge of 2.9% +30 p per transaction. 
  • For international payments there is a fee of 4.49% plus a fixed fee based upon your currency in your country.
  • Please ask before sending any pay pal payments and I will calculate the fees and add to my session rate.


Terms and conditions of Treatment 

  • Dear prospective client, from the outset it is my sincere wish for my clients to feel both comfortable and confident that they are in safe professional ethical hands. For that reason a clear set of terms and conditions have been drafted so that every client has a comfort level and clear frame of reference of the professional relationship between yourself and myself, Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions, which leaves you with an understanding of what your rights and protections as a client are and what you may reasonably expect of me as your therapist throughout our professional relationship. 
    A copy of my terms and conditions which outlines my professional relationship with you is available upon request.

  • The document explains what happens at each appointment along with my professional and legal obligations to you as a client as well as what is expected of my clients during the therapeutic process. For the therapy process to commence the document will need to be read and signed by yourself and me.

  • In the case of working with a minor the authorised legal guardian must sign and must be present at all times.

  • I am a registered data controller and registered with the ICO and act fully in accordance with the data protection act.

  • Your confidentiality is assured within the scope of my terms and conditions and the data protection act.

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