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Trevor's Custom Tailored CD Service

  • I write unique personalised tailored hypnotherapy scripts for each of my clients based upon the initial findings at the consultation and at successive therapy sessions.This ensures a precise and targeted therapy approach based upon each clients specific presenting issue and individual needs and this approach is overall far more effective than the ‘one size fits all’ off the peg hypnosis CD scripts that are freely available and which often do not deliver the results the client is looking for. Furthermore as progress is made it is relatively easy to change and adapt the custom tailored script to reflect the client’s progress and new situation.

  • As well as the complimentary "live" session recording I give to my clients,an individual personalised high quality studio CD recording of your hypnotherapy session is available as an optional add on to enhance your therapy session and is highly recommended for the most efficient and effective way to assist in the reinforcement of your hypnosis treatment sessions to become a lasting and permanent change in a relatively short time period and is available with either a waking ending or alternatively a sleep ending enabling you to listen in bed just before going off to sleep.Since all hypnosis is conducted in the trance state which is the in between state of waking and sleeping, listening in a the deeply relaxed hypnotic state on the edge of sleep, just before you fall sleep is in fact an ideal way to get the best benefits of the hypnotic process,because even when you fall asleep,your subconscious mind still hears everything.
    Many of my clients actually prefer this method over and above the complimentary session recording with a waking ending that is used at the live session as the convenience of time management at the end of the day of listening and being able to go to sleep without waking up and fully alert means that clients can look forward to a restful nights sleep .
    Additionally many clients find an added benefit of backing music helps them to relax more quickly and easier and go deeper into hypnosis.
  • As well as the advantage of your hypnosis sessions being recorded onto CD for assisting in the reinforcement of your hypnotherapy treatment for faster and efficient permanent change, your therapy costs are potentially reduced as you may find that you need fewer individual sessions of treatment. A further advantage is that you can listen at your convenience and as often as you deem necessary. 

  • Since the recordings are prepared and made prior to your hypnosis session in a controlled environment, any unnecessary and intrusive background noises such as road traffic noise, pets, children etc are not picked up by the microphone allowing you the client to completely relax and totally focus upon your hypnosis session without distractions and noise and worrying if you may be disturbed.

  • As well as offering you the choice of your hypnosis script being recorded with either a waking or sleeping ending,your recording can be mixed with or without soft backing music.These recordings can also be formatted to MP3 for replay on a mobile or tablet device.

  • For maximum benefit and effectiveness it is recommended that you listen to your hypnosis sessions regularly and in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and with headphones 

CD/MP 3, Mail Order Service 

  • Cant get to Trevor or dont have Skype?Then Trevor's custom tailored hypnosis, mail order CD, USB Memory stick or download MP 3 service may be ideal for you. Trevor writes and records a personalised hypnosis session for you based upon the information you supply.
    This is a very popular service that Trevor has been offering clients since 2011. For CD's/ USB Sticks its £75.00 each programme plus p&p,posted anywhere in the U.K. 

  • Alternatively Trevor's MP 3 service means you can simply download your very own personalised hypnotherapy session that is unique to you straight onto your pc, tablet or phone for just £65.00. 

I look forward to adding you to the growing list of happy satisfied clients whose lives have improved as a result of using my therapy services. Make that call today and call me on 01726 816947 or 07740 190261 

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