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How do I choose a good Professional Therapist ?

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I am a Diploma Qualified, FullTime, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced BWRT ® level 1&2 , EFT & NLP and Sanomentology practitioner of almost twenty years standing.
I am a General hypnotherapy standards council validated practitioner,  Senior Practitioner GHR member and Supervisor.
Approved trainer for Saonmentology for the Southwest. 

Based in  Par, St Austell, Cornwall Covering all of Cornwall and Devon.
My services are also available world wide by video link.

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A good therapist should be able to open a doorway to a new way of being for you.


Choosing your Therapist

Welcome to this article, I hope that whichever type of therapy that you might be considering that the content herein can inspire you to make your choices, well informed and confidently. Choosing the right therapist can probably be a bit of a daunting prospect for most people and can seem a bit hit and miss.
Most people will wonder what exactly they should be looking for. 

In this section I have endeavoured to give some helpful guidance and talk about what one should be looking for when choosing a therapist to work with, thereby cutting out a lot of time consuming and very necessary legwork. After all, for many it’s a big step which hopefully will lead to very positive life changes and when working with the mind it is really important to ensure that your therapist of choice is properly and professionally trained and can answer all of your questions to your complete satisfaction.  

So how do you choose the right Therapist?

Firstly, I would strongly recommend that you choose a therapist who is a registrant of a recognised professional body of the area of therapy that you are considering. For Hypnotherapists, Sanomentologist’s and BrainWorking Practitioners the professional bodies will be completely different from Acupuncture practitioners.

I myself am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register for Hypnotherapy, for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT) I am a member of the institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy Practitioners and for Sanomentology ™ I am a member of the Global Therapy Academy.

It is also a sensible idea to choose a therapist on a professional standards authority register such as the CNHC  (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council) as this can give you a measure of confidence that the therapist who is treating you has been fully trained by a recognised training establishment aligned with the CNHC’s strict ethical standards and who has regular continued professional development and regular supervision to ensure a capacity of being fit to work with clients and meets a strict level of ethical standards.
Professional Therapist’s invest in themselves and their clients through regular training.

Registered Practitioners with the CNHC as they are listed on a professional standards authority register, since 2017, when the General Medical Council accepted a recommendation from the CNHC, may have their services referred by GPs to their patients if the patient has expressed an interest in hypnotherapy or the GP believes Hypnotherapy would be beneficial to them. Although this service is private and not on the NHS, it gives GPs the measure of confidence that a practitioner on the professional standards authority register is a professionally trained and qualified and insured practitioner.

A good therapist should be able to answer all of your questions

 A good therapist should be able to answer all of your questions confidentially at the consultation stage and throughout your therapy programme. A good therapist should be able to instil trust and confidence in you so that you feel comfortable that you are in professional hands.
They should be able to show you certificates and or diplomas of qualifications and liability insurance, DBS certification and ICO certification reference GDPR. A good therapist should be able to show you evidence of their ability to work effectively through independent evidential testimonials.

So what makes a good Therapist?

An essential quality of a good therapist is that they should always be willing to listen to their client, willing to give sound professional advice even when there may be times when the client doesn’t want to or is not ready to hear that advice. It must be sound, frank and honest advice.

A good therapist should be able to explain at every step of the way what is going to happen and to have given their client clear unambiguous advice as to the road map to their clients therapy journey.

Highly important from an ethical standards point of view is client safeguarding from a duty of care perspective and should a therapist have concerns for the welfare of their clients or others in close contact with them, they must have the skills, knowledge and ability to discharge those duties if and where necessary.

Also, in certain circumstances, sometimes therapy may not be an’ ideal fit’ for the client at first for numerous reasons of the way the psyche sometimes reacts and responds and another really important aspect is that a good therapist should be able to listen objectively to a clients narrative of their personal experience so far and take on board any concerns and guide the client through their personal experience whilst keeping in mind the end goal for the client.  
A good therapist  will do all they can to help and guide their clients in a constructive way to allay and doubts, concerns, frustrations or fears that a client may be going through or have at the back of their mind.  

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