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Whats included in my Therapy services

What's included with Trevor Wales therapy services?

  • A complimentary consultation is available of up to 60 minutes, with no obligation, to see how I can help you.
    Your consultation may be held at my office in Par, via phone or online.  

  • Free parking at my clinic in Par, Cornwall with wheelchair friendly access all on the level. No stairs.
    A quiet comfortable relaxing and private environment where you can talk freely and in the knowledge that what you tell me is held in strict confidence.

  • Reasonable cost effective therapy session rates. (Sessions are recommended fortnightly to monthly to help you get the changes you want quickly and efficiently with optimum advantage from your therapy.)
  • A thorough first two hour fact find  assessment session with two essential personality tests, issue specific questionnaires where relevant and an exploratory hypnosis induction session to ensure you are prepared fully in the best possible way for your future hypnosis sessions. This session is a specially discounted session from my normal hourly rate and is something I have held since 2011

  • Complimentary expanded relaxation-stress buster hypnosis primer CD/MP3 for each booking client of approximately 60 minutes duration. (This is not the same as the free mini hypnosis relaxation taster which is available upon request)

  • Therapy treatments available both face to face and online via video link, Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Video both nationally and internationally.

  • Your own unique professionally written hypnotherapy programme specifically tailored for you which ensures a targeted and focused approach 

  • Where appropiate, a recording of your very own unique personalised 'live' hypnotherapy session recorded in CD or MP3 format for clients to help with re-enforcement of hypnotic suggestion, meaning faster results and fewer sessions saving you both time and money in the long term. The recordings are intended for you to use between hypnosis sessions and also beyond your treatment programme and are recommended to assist in the reinforcement of your hypnotherapy treatment for more efficient permanent change. MP3 recordings can be downloaded for easy and convenient replay on a P.C. mobile or tablet device.

  • Complimentary interim follow up assessments between sessions, by phone or Skype to ensure that everything is on track and that my customers are entirely happy with their therapy service

  • A Six month complimentary follow up assessment is offered and available with your consent, by phone or Skype to ensure that everything is still working for you as it should and where we can talk about the outcome of your therapy or anything new that you may life to explore

  • Mail order custom tailored personally written hypnosis sessions CD and MP3 download service are available for those clients who cant get to me or who prefer not to have sessions in person or online. A personalised custom tailored script and recording typically takes around four to five hours including composition, typing and proofing and information gathering as to your specific situation and how it affects you and what you want to achieve. Standard hourly rates apply. For CD's its mail order -Posted anywhere in the U.K. for £240.00 each including p&p by recorded delivery.  For MP3's its £225.00 direct to your pc, tablet or smart-phone. 

  • Appointment times to suit most needs. 

  • Normal business hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Closed Tuesdays. Saturday 10:00 - 4:00 pm.

  • Sunday appointments available by arrangement.

  • Covered by full professional liability insurance.  

    Hypnosis and what it can achieve is almost Magic! Just asking some of the people who have benefited from hypnotherapy will tell you that themselves. Indeed, one of my clients who beat a fear of flying in 2013 said it was "just like being cleansed. I feel no fear or anxiety anymore"

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