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Why choose Trevor Wales for your hypnotherapy treatment?

At Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions, I understand how important it is for my clients to know that they are dealing with a fully qualified and conscientious professional hypnotherapist.I have over a decade's experience and I am completely committed to helping people make changes and improve their lives.

As a dedicated full time therapist I passionately believe that the use of hypnotherapy and cognitive mind based therapies can open the doors to people to help them develop their full potential, where they can be the best that can be, living their lives to the full, free from all of the frustration and limitation that can so often seem like an invisible barrier to success. Through the use of hypnotherapy, BWRT, NLP and EFT I have helped many people overcome problems and also achieve success with their goals. I like to think you will find me to be a very approachable caring, friendly therapist and a good listener who is both discrete and client centred. From the outset, at your complimentary initial phone consultation of up to thirty minutes you will find that there is absolutely no pressure upon you to make a quick decision about whether therapy is right for you. Whatever decision that you make is the right decision for you.

If I had to sum up my approach as to how I work with my clients in just a few words, it would simply be that I am totally commited to helping my clients to achieve a positive outcome right from the start and that I work in very practical dynamic, yet gentle exploratory ways to help you discover who you can be and help you to transition those changes in a structured results evaluated, solution focussed way which will lead you on to where you want to be. Most people who come to see me are usually stuck with an issue that they can't seem to resolve,believing they are somehow unique and different from other people and they probably have come to believe that they are simply stuck with the problem, unable to move forwards, believing that they will never be able to change. As a matter of fact change is an inevitable fact of life,nothing stays still forever but sometimes people become fearful of change and get stuck with all sorts of problems and it is my job to help you to deal with those changes you want to make but may be finding difficult or even fearful of.

It is always really very good to know that I have helped people to make those changes they were stuck making and I have received many testimonials from happy clients who have regained control of their lives and improved their quality of life with my help. As a very good listener and very sensitive caring Practitioner, I love what I do and I work very hard to help you easily make the changes you are looking to make in your life.

I am sure that if you are considering hypnosis with all of its benefits and how and what it can help you with, you will want to find out for yourself as much as possible in advance to be satisfied that it is indeed the right therapy choice for you to help you with your problem or an improvement of an area in your life. After all you are considering working with the workings of the mind and I am certain most people will think that it is very important that they understand the importance of having a skilled professional who is empathic and caring and who knows and understands fully the field of hypnotherapy and what they are doing and who can provide a thorough explanation to put you at ease.

At Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions I not only use hypnosis and other cutting edge therapies such as BWRT®, EFT & NLP to help my clients achieve what they want to to achieve, I teach my clients to use self hypnosis for self improvement through using positive hypnotic suggestion and re-patterning the subconscious mind with new belief thinking and behaviour systems relative to my clients goals so that you can direct your life in the way that you want to and just get on with enjoying living the life you want to live.

  • Customer satisfaction and a successful treatment outcome for each of my clients are of the utmost importance to me.
  • I am may not be the cheapest around but I think you will find my reputation is certainly as one of the best. I do not cut prices for a quick return because real quality comes at a cost. When you have me as your therapist price is not an issue because your health and wellness and resolving your issue or helping you to achieve your goal is paramount. 
  • I realize that in an age of instant gratification, when dealing with emotions and matters of the mind and heart that an instant fix may not always be possible and that you may be looking for someone who is prepared to help you on the journey however difficult.
  • I will treat you with the utmost professional respect and courtesy at all times.
  • You may rest assured that you will be treated with the greatest discretion and that your privacy and confidentiality will be safeguarded at all times.
  • I am a very good listener and one of the very first things I will be doing is listening very carefully to what you have to share in confidence with me. Listening is vital to understanding what my client’s needs are so that I can develop the best hypnotherapy treatment programme for you. One that will deliver results……. and I get results every time, much to many of my customer’s satisfaction.
    I am Client centred, very friendly, non-judgemental and a very empathic person equipped with a unique gift of insight and sensitivity to help others who need help in changing their own lives for the better.
  • I recognize that each and every human being is a completely unique individual with their own challenges and difficulties in their lives and their own personal story to tell.
  • Whatever your background, race or creed I am here to help you. I enjoy helping people to overcome life’s challenges, and help them achieve their own true potential in life. I look forward to helping you too.
  • If  you would like to read more about the way I work why not read my blog on how I work with Therapy?

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