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This page tells you about what type of clinical and regular everyday issues can be helped with hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy isn't just about helping people to cope with issues like back and chronic pain, sleeping better, managing anger or coping with anxiety or to get over a phobia, fear or addiction. Hypnotherapy is so very much more versatile and can help you to quit bad habits such as over eating, quitting smoking and serious issues like drinking and gambling. Hypnotherapy can also be used for example, in areas such as relationships and as a tool for self development success coaching in many areas of both personal and professional areas of life. Many people both professionals and ordinary people have turned to hypnotherapy to help them overcome social phobia and develop improved self confidence and self esteem   


Hypnotherapy and cognitive mind based therapies are very helpful therapy tools to help create lasting positive change


Below is a testimonial from a hypnotherapy and BWRT® (Brain Working Recursive Therapy ®) client who I worked with in the summer of 2016 to help them overcome social anxiety. All references to names removed to protect client confidentiality.


"I am finding that I'm making significant steps forward using the techniques you've taught me and they're proving extremely effective when I work on them at my own pace. you've been a huge help and I can definitely foresee a time when my issues are no longer a problem. Thanks again for your assistance. I'm really glad I made the decision to seek help. Thanks again for all your help Trevor." 
Kind Regards. 

Very recently on my social media page I was paid a huge compliment by Internationally renowned hypnotherapist Steve Miller of TV radio and media fame who made the comment on one of my blogs that Trevor is one of the most caring therapists you will find. Steve Miller had his own show on SKY TV in 2010, Fat Families. This was a huge compliment to receive. 

Therapy appointments available at discrete and disabled friendly,private locations across Cornwall or in the comfort of your own home.Therapy appointments also available via Skype  throughout the UK & Worldwide.To make a booking pleasecall 01726 816947 or 07740 190261


Are you looking for one to one clinical therapy in Cornwall or Devon? 

Trevor Wales hypnotherapy solutions can help you to achieve the right mindset to achieve your goals or put the zing back into life.
I have four practice locations, two in St Austell,  one in Bodmin and one in Truro and all are located in the town centres with good public transport links and convenient car parking near by. One in St Austell is also disabled friendly.However,if you are housebound or just cant face the thought of going out I can come to you or alternatively you can book your appointment to have your therapy sessions over Skype, Zoom  or Facebook Video. I regularly conduct therapy sessions,both Hypnotherapy and BWRT very successfully over video link, both nationally and internationally and this is becoming a growing trend for both people and businesses. 


Privacy and Disclaimer notices 


Your privacy and how we store and handle your data is very important at Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions. Confidential and discrete mean confidential and discrete. Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions is fully compliant with the current GDPR legislation and is a registered data controller. 

Also of greater importance is that Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions clients have a very clear understanding of the Therapies being offered and there intent in respect of medical and health conditions. Click here to be directed to site terms where you will be able to read a full disclaimer statement along with a GDPR notice in respect of your privacy.  



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Suffering from anxiety and lost your Joie De Vivre? Perhaps life is just getting you down? I can help.
Or you have had enough of smoking and think you can't stop but dont know where to turn? Addicted to drinking or gambling? Fears and phobias limiting your life? Diets and exercise not working for you? Do you want to improve your Self-Confidence or improve your Sports Performance? Having a hard time dealing with stress? Difficulty in managing Anger? Relationship issues? Is your sex life not as fulfilling as you would wish it to be? Isn't it time to take back control and live the life you want to live free of limitations? 
Why not join the millions of people worldwide who have benefited from successful hypnotherapy treatments and rediscover your inner smile and feel good about yourself?

If you are suffering from any of the above and feeling stuck and powerless to change, the good news is that you don't have to any longer. The Fact is that hypnotherapy is a very powerful and direct therapeutic positive tool for self change that can help you unlock the door to realising your full potential. Hypnotherapy used under expert controlled conditions can help you to make positive changes in your life and open the doorway to you feeling better and happier. Here at Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions we can help you to make those changes. Hypnotherapy has improved and transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Hypnotherapy can be used in almost unlimited ways, whether it be for one to one treatments for resolving a personal problem such as Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Low Confidence, Pain Management, Overcoming Fears and Phobias or helping you to achieve greater skill or abilities such as in sport or the arts or helping businesses succeed in training strategies and techniques to help their workforce improve their performance through aspects of motivation, learning and memory techniques and confidence. The possibilities are endless.

A happy life is about balance and living the life you want to live

In a world increasingly caught up in the endless spiral of competitiveness and deadlines, stress and anxiety are one of the major tipping points for long term serious health issues. Stress and anxiety in the workplace is a very major problem contributing to lost revenue and days off work. From an employee's point of view  having days of work these days is also very stressful situation to deal with as sick people worry about their job security. 
Stress is also more and more prevalent amongst students too and is something that is finding its way into the mainstream media on a daily basis. 
The facts about continued stress being so dangerous from a health point of view is that it is a form of a conditioned response to continued stressful situations that builds and builds and builds resulting in sickness,anxiety and often leading to depression and in some cases long term health problems such as stoke and heart disease. Particularly with young developing minds continued stress will set the blueprint for the young persons transition into later life, leading them to be permanently stressed people which results in a pathway to even greater mental health and physical health issues globally. Whether its in the workplace, boardroom,surgery ,hospital, classroom or family stress is a killer and can take years off of a person's life.Very few people know how to handle stress and anxiety because it is often insidious creeping up on us until one day we find we just can't cope anymore. 

If you were to use hypnotherapy for just one thing and one thing only, listening regularly to a relaxation and stress management hypnotherapy MP3 for stress and anxiety management is just one highly beneficial mental health area which can help dramatically reduce stress and anxiety in your life on a daily basis. A simple guided hypnosis stress buster session used regularly pays huge dividends in restoring balance and a sense of calm equilibrium and helping you to successfully juggle the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Through the intervention of hypnotherapy many people have found true peace of mind, gaining a new clarity with a new outlook on life and very often with a renewed sense of life purpose. Using hypnosis to resolve problems and clear away old limiting beliefs and remove blockages that are keeping you stuck in the same old place, sabotaging and preventing you from living the life you want to live can really help you to overcome those obstacles that often stand in the way of you getting what you want out of life. 

CNHC registered since 2011. look for the quality assurance standard 

Hypnotherapy and stage hypnotism, aren't they the same?  

 Hypnotherapy is no gimmicky party trick and is far removed from stage hypnotism in a lot of ways. Some people,whilst very curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, because it is such a fascinating subject are inclined to be dismissive of hypnotherapy and write it off as a gimmick which doesn't work. Are they Right? No, completely wrong actually because before hypnotism was ever used for entertainment it was used for centuries in a wide range of clinical applications. James Braid and James Esdaile were both pioneering surgeons in the nineteenth century who used hypnosis to carry out many surgical procedures before the advent of anaesthesia. The reason why some people are dismissive of hypnotherapy is because they simply do not know and understand and unfortunately associate hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis, entertainment and humour and the notion of themselves being somehow taken over and made to do something against their will, however nothing could be further than the truth and working within an ethical framework that is just not possible as the client is always the one who is in control. The difference between stage hypnosis is that one is purely for entertainment and the other is for helping people to make lasting life style changes.

Some stage hypnotists are also full time therapists and the awareness which stage hypnotism creates I regard as a very good way of showing people the power of the subconscious mind and the power of hypnotic suggestion to create an altered state and change. With stage hypnotism the effect is short term for only a few minutes. What happens in therapy can last a lifetime. Although the hypnotic process is exactly the same that one sees in stage hypnosis of placing a person in an altered state where the subconscious mind is addressed, in Clinical hypnotherapy the therapy begins when the client is carefully placed into an induced deeply relaxed state of hypnosis and when this is achieved, this is where change and improvements are made.


Whether you simply want to lose weight, stop smoking for good or achieve more or whether you need help managing chronic pain or help in dealing with emotional problems, anxiety ,fears  or depression, here at Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy solutions Trevor can help you. Trevor’s working methods employ a variety of helpful and useful therapy tools to help clients manage and create positive change. Trevor uses his teaching skills to help clients overcome their issues and empower and support themselves both for the long and short term. Trevor works in a very gentle supportive way without exposing clients to risk or harm in any way. If you think Trevor can help you just call on 01726 816947 or 07740 190261 for a free initial phone consultation of up to thirty minutes. 




 Let hypnotherapy help you put your life back in balance


From Bodmin to Bude,Padstow to Penzance,St Austell to St Ives,all across Cornwall and Devon,if you are looking for hypnotherapy, Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions can help you. As a fully qualified therapy practitioner undertaking regular training into new improving ways of helping people and with over a decade's experience I understand the many benefits of both hypnotherapy and cognitive minds based therapies such as BWRT, EFT and NLP  in helping to treat a very wide spectrum of disorders, conditions and problems and I also understand the self development applications and benefits these therapies can help people to develop and improve. I have many happy customers who have improved their lives using my hypnotherapy services.
My inspiration is in working together with  people from all walks of life,helping them to find their inner strength and their inner guiding light and in helping them to find their own solutions through the power of hypnosis.



 What can hypnotherapy treat?

The list of problems and specialist areas that hypnotherapy can successfully help people with is almost inexhaustible,Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are helpful in the following key areas of people's lives.

  • Behaviours and habits, such as, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Emotional Eating, Nervous habits, Quitting smoking. 
  • Emotional difficulties, such as  Anger management, bereavement and grief, Self confidence,Self esteem, Relationship problems
  • Psychosomatic stress related disorders, such as Skin disorders, Eczema, psoriasis  and respiratory problems such a Asthma. Migraine and IBS. (Irritable bowel Syndrome)

There are also areas of special interest in hypnosis such as 'Past Life Regression Hypnosis,' which for people with an open minded interest and disposition can give them a deeper insight into who they are and can possibly provide answers and solutions to some of the issues in their lives. This is an area that is of Special interest to Trevor having extensively researched the subject over many years. Please feel free to enquire.  


Many people have phobias, such as fear of open spaces, enclosed spaces, public speaking, spiders, snakes, mice or flying. I can help you with all of these and more and I offer a completely free and informal, no obligation initial phone consultation. If you dont see your problem listed here please call as I may be able to help.


Hypnotherapy can open  the doorway to freedom , to a whole new way of being. Perhaps it’s time for you to try a different approach? Why not give us a call and have a free initial pre consultation of up to thirty minutes and see how  hypnotherapy can help you. Just call us on :-  01726 69703. Your sessions can be either held at our comfortable therapy rooms in St Austell or in the privacy and comfort of your own home


Hypnotherapy can help with the following:


  • Anger management
  • Alcohol addiction 
  • Anxiety
  • Bed wetting
  • Confidence
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional problems
  • Exam and driving test nerves
  • Fear of open spaces
  • Fear of enclosed spaces
  • Fear of dentists
  • Fear of needles
  • Fears and phobias
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Gastric band hypnotherapy
  • Insomnia / Sleep disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Kleptomainia
  • Low self esteem
  • Motivation
  • Nail biting
  • Nightmares
  • performance improvement
  • Pain management
  • Panic attacks
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychosomatic disorders
  • Quitting smoking
  • Sexual problems/ Erectile Dysfunction/ Frigidity/ Improved Sexual performance
  • Speech problems/ Stuttering and Stammering/Freezing
  • Stress management
  • Success coaching
  • Wedding day nerves
  • Weight control

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