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Can Hypnosis really help improve my game of Golf?Jack Nicklaus

The answer is yes and for that matter any area of sports or creativitiy which requires concentration, focus, motivation and natural flow.  

Athletes,Cricketers, Darts players, Equestrians, Footballers, Gymnasts, Rugby Players, Snooker Players,
Squash and Tennis Players. Racing and Rally Drivers, Competative Sailors, Artists, Musicians
all have benefitted from the creative potential of buidling skills sets and developing personal creativity with the intervention and repeated use of hypnosis. 

Hypnosis can help people to break out of bad habits, overcome self sabotage and limiting beleifs
and help banish poor self confidence, peer pressure and can also help with performance issues such as
the yips or breaking through performance limits to take your passion to the next abliity and skill level.    

  • Hypnosis can help you to relax into your game  and help you develop the focus and mindset to play well, more intuitively, confidently and competitively. 

  • Hypnosis can help you to dramatically improve your concentration, focus,determination and overall performance and help you improve your game with total confidence from tee off to the  final putt.

  • Everyone can benefit from Hypnosis, as it can be used for literally any form of self-improvement. Simply put , Hypnosis puts you in control of what you want to achieve.

If you live in Cornwall or Devon and belong to one of the many superb Golf courses in the counties and you are serious about your game as many golfers are and you wish to find an excellent way to improve your golfing performance, you may like to think about the positive benefits of using hypnosis to 'up your game' and become a better golfer just as the golfing greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger woods have done for many years.

From the feedback I receive from the many people who have used my hypnotherapy services to help them make positive improvement and change in their lives and achieve their goals and ambitions, I am certain that if everybody could experience those self same profound improvements to their lives for themselves that my clients have experienced everyone would want it, because it can literally help you break through barriers that hold you back!

Once you understand the power of hypnosis and how easy it is to harness, the sky is literally the limit.

Hypnosis can help you to reach your full untapped potential, releasing you from limiting belief and behaviour patterns such as is sometimes encountered in sports performance. Haven’t you ever experienced those times when you just couldn't seem to get beyond a certain level. Felt like your confidence had let you down or that your golf skills were just not up to the mark? Hypnosis can help with all of these issues and much more.

Hypnosis is a way to alleviate any obstacle that is preventing you from maximizing your performance in any way. Many pro golfers use hypnosis because of the intensity of the game and the concise concentration that is required. So it is quite commonplace for pros such as Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus to frequently use hypnotherapy

Tiger Woods has used hypnosis to great effect since he was 13 years of age.

Tiger Woods, one of the greatest pro golfers of all times uses hypnosis regularly. He not only uses it to enhance his performance but it keeps him focused and directed on and off of the golf course. Tiger is very spiritual and wholeheartedly believes in the power of hypnosis. Watch Tiger Woods the next time that he is golfing on TV. Pay close attention to what he does just before he makes his move. He blinks his eyes twice. This is a technique that he learned in hypnosis which is his way of putting himself right where he needs to be in order to excel at his game. It puts him another place where there is nothing but positive focus put on the task at hand.

Hypnosis is both natural and relaxing and proven to be a very effective tool in helping countless people makes positive changes in their lives

The subconscious mind is of such size that it could not be filled in a total lifetime. The mind is capable of remembering and recalling everything that has ever been heard, read, or experienced. Hypnosis can be a highly effective tool for boosting confidence, increasing motivation, establishing improved beneficial learning patterns, improving and enhancing memory, improving focus, improving sporting performance, helping the person to relax and play to the best of their game.

As any golfer knows being relaxed is a very important prerequisite to being focussed and in the zone. My hypnosis scripts are tailored in such a way to help you become a much more relaxed person with rich visualisation suggestions to help you achieve your improvements effortlessly and easily. All of my sessions are recorded onto your own personal CD or downloaded to your iPod /mp3player to help you with re-enforcement through a form of Self-hypnosis which happens naturally whilst you listen.

Self-hypnosis training is a very powerful tool for maximising your concentration, focus, visualisation, motivation and can help you with enhancing your golfing performance. Below is a small segment of a golfing script which I have used successfully with one of my clients to give you an idea of just how a hypnotherapy session with Trevor Wales  hypnotherapy solutions works  so that  you may get a good feeling and understanding of just how hypnosis can help your game

"Once you have committed to a natural golfing rhythm, you find it so  very easy now to let it permeate through everything you do, not only your swing, but the way that you walk, tee up your ball, even speak.  You have this understanding, this natural feeling rhythm is required for every shot in golf and it's more important than any one physical aspect of your swing.

The reason that golf is 80% mental is that distractions in your thoughts can cause tension in your body, interrupting the rhythm. You  easily control and dismiss those mental distractions to consistently swing well and with rhythm.

You concentrate your thoughts entirely on the game at hand, removing all distractions from your mind.
And if any distracting thoughts should enter your head, you have a technique that you use to dispose of those thoughts.

You imagine a bin or some other waste receptacle a short distance away, and before starting your shot you put any distracting thoughts into that bin, knowing that you can always take them out when the game is finished - then you concentrate on your rhythm, establishing the rhythm in all your actions and allowing it to carry over into your golf swing because youve got this , you do it so confidently and naturaly"

Testimonial added August 2015

Id like to share with you a recent email from a client I worked with around a month or two a go. The client was a gentleman who wanted to improve his game of golf and this is the email he forwarded on to me after using the hypnotherapy CD I recorded for him. This client had one consultation session and one hypnotherapy session and the email I received was around one month after. 

Hi Trevor
First of all I would like to thank you for helping me with my golf game, I am at a very interesting stage, in that a lot of positive changes are happening but anyone who plays golf will know that it will take a while to get used to these and get them all working together.
I am very impressed with the level of calmness I am able to experience not only while playing but during my normal day to day life as well.
I am very happy with the service I have had from Trevor, and considering how relaxed I feel in myself and the improvements I have noticed on the course it represents good value.



Falmouth. Cornwall.


Ken Venturi.Retired Professional Golfer & Broadcaster.
"After you get the basics down it’s all mental"


Jack Nicklaus

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. American professionals golfers whose achievements to date rank them among the most successful golfers of all time.


If you like the idea of becoming better at your game or creative arts and you would like to explore taking your craft and passion to the next level and further developing your personal performance and creativity, then please do give me a call for a free consultation.From just the first hypnosis session you will start to feel and see a difference in what you do.

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