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Recommended reading

Here is a list of recommended reading that will give the interested reader a very good introduction and varied cross section of the different therapeutic approaches and styles of hypnotherapy practice that have been developed and used by some of the world’s most highly regarded professionals in the world of Hypnotherapy.

The books in this list were regarded as essential reading by Chrysalis talking therapies that are the training school that I studied for my diploma with in 2007.

Hypnotherapy. A practical handbook. By Hellmut Karle & Jennifer Boys.

Free association books, London.

ISBN 0-946960-79-8

Hypnotherapy By Dave Elman

West wood publishing CA

ISBN 13: 978-0930298043

Hypnotherapy, A handbook By Michael Heap & Windy Dryden.

Open University press

ISBN 0-335-09887-8

Hypnosis for change By Josie Hadley & Carol Staudacher

New Harbinger publications Inc.

ISBN 1-57224-057-1

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads By Terence Watts

Crown House publishing LTD

ISBN 189983648-9

Eriksonian ApproachesBy Rubin Battino MS & Thomas L South. PHD

Crown house publishing LTD

ISBN 190442491-0

Finding True magic. Transpersonal Hypnosis and hypnotherapy/NLP

By Jack Elias CHT

Five Wisdom press

ISBN 0-9655210-1-x

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