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In this section are links to various websites which provides further useful information into the subject of hypnotherapy and also into the ways that I work. If you have any questions please call me on 01726 69703


Health hazards of smoking from NHS pages

Scientific studies that prove Hypnotherapy works for stopping smoking

Health hazards of being overweight

Scientific and other studies that prove hypnosis works for weight loss

Medical hypnosis an underutilised treatment approach

Hypnosis research facts

Scientific proof that Hypnotherapy works for a wide range of treatments

This is the site for chrysalis training with whom I took my diploma with in 2007

Hypnotherapy articles. Learn what Hypnotherapy is and how it can help you.

Terence’s groundbreaking Warriors, Settlers and Nomads, discovering who you can be was the infrastructure of my training course with Chrysalis. Terence is a fantastic teacher and I have developed a good long distance friendship with Terence since taking my diploma. I plan to take further training with Terence at the Essex institute in Southend on Sea in 2012

The founding father of modern day hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. Milton Erikson’s work has touched millions of people around the world and Erikson’s work is widely regarded as the most important in the sphere of psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy breaking through into new highly successful modalities of treatment for well being.

Dave Elman was a genius. His book hypnotherapy was another cornerstone of my course work. Dave Elman principally worked at training within the medical profession. Dave Elman’s speciality was in.

Rapid Induction Techniques. This link has a good overview of the man and his work. There are a large number of websites devoted to Dave Elman, however most of them are very commercial and I did not want to include links where my clients are potentially being sold to. Elman taught his students two basic beliefs which revolved around the following statements……..

Firstly, that any person can be hypnotised, provide that they are willing, and no fear is present and that there is the correct communication between the operator and the subject. Secondly, hypnosis is a state of mind in which the critical faculty is bypassed and selective thinking is established.

Jack Elias CHT

A certified NLP practitioner since l983, Jack Elias is recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and has trained in altered states processes and Ericksonian hypnosis. In addition, beginning in 1967 with five years of intensive Zen Buddhist practice, Jack continues over 40 years of practice and study of Buddhist and Siddha Yoga meditation and philosophy with recognized masters of these traditions.

For individuals, couples and families Author of the book and training program Finding True Magic, Jack Elias blends the insights and disciplines of hypnosis, NLP and a variety of meditative techniques to create a dynamic process of change for his clients and students.

Jack Elias is founder and director of the Institute for Therapeutic Learning, a Washington State licensed vocational school offering Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP Certification trainings, seminars and mentorship programs in Seattle, Washington.

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