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Therapy appointments available at my office in St Austell and also discreet, private comfortable locations across Cornwall or in the comfort of your own home. Appointments  also available worldwide via Skype and Zoom video services.To make a booking please call 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 or alternatively email me. 

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Can hypnotherapy work for me?

Countless people have been successfully treated with hypnotherapy, embracing a much better life.However, not everyone is suited to hypnotherapy and just as a doctor cannot guarantee a quick and successful outcome to treatment or surgery in every case without a reasonable period of time working with the patient and in which the outcome may not always be successful, so a hypnotherapist cannot give you a carte blanche guarantee of success.

The likelihood of a successful outcome for any therapy or success coaching and just how quickly it may be realised are largely determined not only by the nature and complexity of the client's problem and history or  in the case of success coaching in their desire of what they wish to achieve but also by the strength of desire, belief and determination the client has in wanting to make changes at a deep inner core level to move on. Belief is an essential component for success because it goes hand in hand with personal commitment.Some people are very fixed in their belief systems and if a person does not wholeheartedly believe something will work for them and feels the need to be given the hard sell to convince them, it will never work. The motivation has to be there.

Belief must also be coupled with a willingness and ability to take instruction and hypnotic suggestion from the hypnotherapist and the client being prepared to be patient and invest some time in their own well being. Hypnotherapy is an incredible therapeutic tool but it is not an instant fix magic wand cure all. It is though a very powerful therapeutic magic wand for those who work with the process and give it time.The conscious and unconscious mind makes progress at its own pace and the desired results may take longer to get than what we consciously expect.

The hypnotherapist's role is that of a facilitator who will guide you on your journey to change. Some journeys reach positive conclusions very quickly whilst others may take a little longer, but as long as the client is willing to accept that may be so and is really determined to make the changes and go the distance, then in the great majority of situations a positive outcome may be reasonably expected.

The good new is that hypnotherapy has many success stories some of which can be found on my testimonial page and the  really useful links page



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I'm interested, what happens next?

We would invite you to either call Trevor for a free phone consultation of up 30 minutes to discuss your problem. Trevor's telephone number is :-01726 69703 or 07740 190261. If you prefer you can email Trevor by going to his contact page where you will find an email form. Just give leave a few details and a convenient time and number to call you.

Trevor finds that it’s far easier to talk and generally prefers not to get into lengthy emails but if it is the only way you can start the ball rolling, just let Trevor know and he will do my best to respond promptly. Once you have had a chat and feel you are happy you may like to make a consultation appointment.

What happens at the consultation appointment?

The consultation lasts around an hour and a half to two hours. The most important thing at the beginning is to make you feel relaxed and welcome and that you are in safe ethical hands where absolute discretion is assured. During the consultation we will start off by looking at what hypnotherapy is and what it isn't and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We then go through my terms and conditions of treatment so you can have a clear understanding of our professional therapeutic relationship together. Next is the really important part where we discuss your issue or goals in detail from the information you have provided. I will be asking you a lot of questions and looking to uncover some vital clues from the information you provide so as to formulate the best plan of action for you to move forward with. 

I will also be assessing what type of hypnotic style will suite your personality. As everybody is different not everyone responds to a set style. Some people are more easily hypnotisable than others and it is important to establish the right mode at the outset. To arrive at this decision I use a simple personality profiling test. This all gives me a framework with which to work with in spending time creating your custom tailored therapy for the next session. From this information we will be able to draw up an agreed action plan. We finish off the consultation with a short hypnosis relaxation test to establish to us both that you are able to accept hypnotic suggestion. Most people are and it is very rare that someone isn't able to enter hypnosis. 

Suffering from stress and need to get it under control? Call me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 for a free consultation.Call with confidence. Absolute discretion assured.

How many sessions will I need?

As highlighted in the previous section many people respond well to therapy and hypnotherapy, some more readily than others and in some simple straightforward situations excellent results can be achieved in just one session, much to the delight of the client.

Some treatments such as Stop Smoking, Weight management therapy, fears, phobias, sexual and relationship issues may require additional therapy treatment and in most cases you could reasonably expect to need around four or more sessions, though much depends on how long you've been dealing with a particular issue. Since all hypnosis is in fact self help with the therapist acting as a personal guide and facilitator, your level of commitment to your goal, your self-determination and belief in the process are key factors in the process. A lot of the clients  Trevor has worked with have had amazing results. 

Occasionally, if a client has experienced past trauma that is the root cause of their problems this may require a willingness on the clients part to undergo hypnoanalysis sessions with a measure of NLP included to uncover the past to let go of any anxiety and repressed emotions in order for the subconscious to be able to accept new positive suggestion therapy and move on. Although occasionally emotionally uncomfortable, the process is very cathartic and life changing and the benefits readily outweigh any uncomfortable old memories which just need to be let go.

In some circumstances if the client is unwilling to do this the desired change may not come about as the subconscious will resist change until all the barriers have been removed by resolving the past. Mostly this may be established at the consultation stage from the information you provide.


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How long is a session and how does it work?

An average session is typically between 60 -90 minutes long depending on which therapy is being worked with. Some sessions are longer such as in the case of Gastric Band hypnotherapy and Easy quit Smoking treatments. Additionally for more in depth complex hypnoanalysis sessions you can reasonably expect a session to take up to two hours. I allow up to two hours so that their is sufficient time to explore your issues and ask questions and so that you have ample time to digest any information without feeling pressured or rushed.Each session is very thorough and takes the client into a deep state of hypnosis where the optimum state is reached to conduct the therapy.

Some Sessions will just use hypnosis, which are recorded for later use and some use BWRT® NLP or EFT techniques which do not need to be recorded. Some sessions may well require a combination of EFT and hypnosis. I find that the use of EFT and Hypnosis combined are most effective in instances where the client is either in a heightened state of anxiety or is too much pain for them to enter into a hypnotic state. The Use of EFT prior to hypnosis can comfortably reduce the anxiety or pain to a level where the client will feel able to relax enough for the client to enter a hypnotic state for the hypnotherapy to be effectively accepted.

All clients receive a CD or MP3 of their hypnotherapy sessions which are  included free of charge and is a transcription of your live session which will have a waking ending and is given to you at the end of the treatment programme. To gain the maximum benefit the session must be played daily for a period of between four to six weeks and helps you by assisting in the subliminal hypnotic re-enforcement of the session taking root and becoming a permanent change much more quickly, rather than just listening to occasionally.
The additional benefit to you the client of listening to the CD or MP3 of your session apart from a more desirable rapid and permanent change will be that you may well need fewer sessions which will save you money in the long term.

Experience tends to show that most clients prefer to listen when they are in bed and so can listen to the programme and then fall asleep and since all hypnosis is conducted in the trance state which is that in between state of waking and sleeping, listening in a relaxed state on the edge of sleep, just before you fall asleep is in fact an ideal way to get the best effectiveness of the hypnotic process, because even if you fall asleep, your subconscious mind still hears everything.
For those clients who listen at night before going to bed and who may find it difficult to drift off to sleep after listening to their hypnosis session,a personalised recording of your hypnotherapy session with a sleeping ending is highly recommended to assist you in the most efficient reinforcement of your treatment and is available  at a price of £35.00 per recording. You can also have the choice of having the CD recorded with or without soft gentle backing music.

·          Not all therapists work the way Trevor does. Some use script books whilst others offer a more spontaneous form of therapy. Whilst training Trevor's tutors taught a valuable lesson that the most successful hypnotherapy treatments are those that are uniquely crafted and prepared around the customer’s personal situation. Trevor's custom tailored service is built around the fact that each hypnotherapy treatment is uniquely tailored to your individual needs and so his hourly therapy charge reflects all the pre –preparation work of composing your personal treatment script. Trevor is very aware that cost to his clients is a very important factor and he endeavours to give you the customer a real value for money service. Trevor do not charge separately for all the hours behind the scenes that is put in prior to seeing you, other than the consultation and the agreed session fees. We hope you will see that the hourly rates are indeed very reasonable considering the life changing gains that hypnosis can make

For our sessions to be effective and of the best value, it is very important to your successful outcome that you take instruction from Trevor and listen to any session recording  as directed. The reasons are as follows:-

Whilst hypnotic suggestion is often effectively immediately and some people may well experience the benefit of permanent change in just one session, for most people its effect may sometimes diminish within a short time frame, around a week or so. This is why there is the need for repeat sessions and why Trevor offers a CD service. The reasons for additional reinforcement are because hypnotic suggestion does take time to build in the subconscious mind and the subconscious needs time for the new programme to assimilate and to take root to overturn permanently the old undesirable behavioural patterns. It is generally accepted wisdom that it may take somewhere between four to six weeks for a change to take root and become permanent, Longer still if it is a long term issue that you have been coping with. It is important to take on board that hypnosis is not an instant magic wand and like any other treatment or therapy is a healing art which takes time

Your cooperation and dedication are essential for the desired return on your investment into your future well-being. So it is very important that you are prepared to be quite disciplined with yourself and play the CD regularly and attend all the agreed sessions. History shows that Trevor's most succesful clients are the ones who are strong with themselves and follow the agreed plan to achieve the successful results they want.

For Quit smoking and Gastric band weight loss clients the price of your treatment package includes all of the necessary CD's for each stage of your custom tailored hypnosis sessions where a CD is needed. 

Available for as long as you need help

Trevor has a personal commitment that will give you his professional attention at all times and assist you in every way to help you make the changes that you need. Even if you find your journey difficult and need more than the usual few sessions, Trevor will continue to help and support you for as long as you want his professional help and services.

For clients seeking Gastric band hypnotherapy treatment programmes, because of their complexity and the goals that the client is seeking to achieve, this programme usually takes anywhere between twelve to fourteen sessions. The results can often be spectacular as can be seen by visiting my gastric band hypnotherapy page.

Can't get to Trevor?

Trevor offers therapy via skype and also a fully personalised CD service is available anywhere in the UK and costs just £70.00 + p&p. To order, please email Trevor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a client notation form.


Trevor's hypnotherapy services are available all across Cornwall and Devon and also  throughout the rest of the UK via Skype backed up with  re-enforcement CD to help with rapid permanent change or just by  Trevor's custom tailored CD postal service*

* For distance treatments these are limited to key specific treatment programmes in the interest of good ethical practice. Please enquire.

Quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Trevor is a member of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists and can also be found on the government's UK National Stop Smoking website. He provide his quit smoking services throughout Cornwall and beyond.

As a former smoker who gave up over fourteen years ago Trevor understands what you're going through and will support you every step of the way. If you're sick of smoking, wasting money and damaging your health then Trevor can help you in your quest to stop smoking. The program Trevor uses has been designed and created by one of the UK’s most highly regarded practitioners and trainers of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Trevor uses the Terence Watts ‘Easy Quit Smoking’ method which is the only ‘Quit Smoking’ program to receive the Hypnotherapy Societies award for clinical excellence. Awarded in 1998, this program is widely used in the field of hypnotherapy and can be delivered in either a single session or split over three sessions, whichever is easier for you. The ‘Easy Quit Smoking’ method is highly rated and has seen many smokers stop smoking nationwide. Call today to find out more or go to the Stop smoking pages where you can find all the information you need to help reinforce your decision to stop smoking using hypnosis.

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